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sMothered is returning to TLC, but two of the show’s most infamous cast members won’t be part of the season 5 cast. Sunhe and Angelica aren’t returning for the new episodes, according to an announcement from TLC. 

Sunhe and Angelica won’t be in ‘sMothered’ Season 5 

The new season of sMothered premieres Tuesday, Dec. 12 at 10 p.m. ET/PT, right after the season premiere of 1000-lb Sisters. New episodes of both shows will also stream on Max. 

The fresh season of sMothered will feature more antics from outrageous mother-daughter duos, as well as the show’s first mother-in-law and son-in-law pairing. “From synchronized hobby horsing and a mother and daughter who give each other ‘vagacials’ these pairs do anything and everything together,” notes TLC’s description of the new season. 

Two sets of moms and daughters from past seasons will return for sMothered Season 5. (More on that below.) But two long-time cast members won’t appear in the new episodes. Viewers met Sunhe and her daughter Angelica in the show’s first season, which aired in 2019. The tight-knit Las Vegas pair’s close bond shocked viewers. They shared a bed and even bathwater, and their intense relationship caused problems for their romantic partners, especially Angelica’s boyfriend Jason, who is also the father of her daughter, Amara. But after four seasons on the reality show, Sunhe and Angelica have apparently moved on. They aren’t mentioned in the sMothered Season 5 cast announced. 

Meet the ‘sMothered’ Season 5 returning cast members

Kathy and Cristina from 'sMothered' on a pink backround
Kathy and Cristina of ‘sMothered’ | TLC

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While Sunhe and Angelica won’t be part of sMothered Season 5, several other familiar faces will be back for the new season. 

Kathy, 64, and Cristina, 38, have been with sMothered since season 1. The Chicago area mom and daughter live on the same block and are constantly in each other’s lives – much to the frustration of Cristina’s husband. In the new season, Kathy faces her mortality as she approaches her 65th birthday. Her own mom died at 68, which leads Kathy to fear she might not have much time left. She decides to throw herself a party at a funeral home, much to Cristina’s shock. But when Kathy reveals her recent diagnosis to her daughter, Cristina wonders if there’s more this milestone birthday party than she realized.  

Also back for season 5 are Mary, 59, and Brittani, 23, who live in Florida. The pair aren’t just mom and daughter but are also best friends, and they’ve only grown closer since the death of Mary’s partner Frank. But now, there’s a new man in Brittani’s life who threatens to change their dynamic. Mary is skeptical of Brittani’s boyfriend TJ, but doesn’t want to alienate her daughter by criticizing her new man. But she has no idea that the pair have a big secret. 

Four new pairs join the ‘sMothered’ cast in 2023

In addition to returning cast members, sMothered Season 5 will introduce several new sets of uncomfortably close moms and daughters

Catherine, 56, and Gabriella, 23 are “twin” pageant queens from Connecticut. Their dream is for Gabriella to take home the Miss Connecticut USA crown – just like Catherine did in her early 20s. With the pageant just weeks away, the two are in full prep mode, which means there’s no room for anything else in Gabriella’s life.  

Houston’s Eva, 65, and Sunnie, 36, are both boutique salon owners who specialize in esthetics. Their shared passion for skincare extends to shaving each other’s armpits and giving each other down-below “facials. Eva also has plenty of opinions about her daughter’s love life. Sunnie has been dating Scott, for nearly a year and is ready to tie the know. Eva is pushing for an engagement, but Scott isn’t ready to propose.  

Sky, 45, and Skylar, 19, live in Atlanta and are about as close as mom and daughter can be. Not only do they have the same name, but Sky is intent on living out her thwarted dreams of being the next Beyonce through her child. Though Sky’s hopes of stardom were dashed when she had a baby at a young age, Skylar shares her talent, and Sky has poured all her energy into managing her career. But things can get complicated when your mom is also your “momager.”

Finally, sMothered introduces its first mother-in-law and son-in-law pair in India, 59, and Trevor, 37. These two aren’t related by blood, but they’re still incredibly close. They wear matching outfits and even eat from each other’s mouths. Unsurprisingly, their tight relationship doesn’t sit right with Trevor’s wife (and India’s daughter) DeLeesa, who feels that her mom is driving a wedge in her marriage. Now that she’s pregnant with a child of her own, DeLeesa has given Trevor an ultimatum.

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