TXT Earns Their First Music Show Win for ‘Can’t You See Me?’

Tomorrow X Together, also known as TXT, released their new EP The Dream Chapter: ETERNITY on May 18. The album’s lead single is “Can’t You See Me?,” and the K-pop group took home their first music show win for the title track on May 26.

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‘Can’t You See Me?’ is the lead single from TXT’s new album

Soobin, Yeonjun, Beomgyu, Taehyun, and Huening Kai make up TXT, a five-member group that debuted in 2019. They debuted with the EP The Dream Chapter: Star and followed it with their first studio album, The Dream Chapter: Magic. Their new EP The Dream Chapter: ETERNITY completes their first album series which focuses on the joys and challenges of growing up.

The Dream Chapter: ETERNITY consists of six songs: “Drama,” “Can’t You See Me?,” “Fairy of Shampoo,” “Maze in the Mirror,” “PUMA,” and “Eternally.” The EP’s lead single is “Can’t You See Me?” and through the song the members of TXT explore the conflicting emotions that come with adolescent friendships.

TXT also released a music video for the EP’s lead single, “Can’t You See Me?” The music video picks up where their music video for “Run Away,” the lead single from their album The Dream Chapter: Magic, left off. The members visit Soobin’s house and as the music video progresses, the fun they were having stops and the tension between the members grows due to the conflicting emotions they feel.

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TXT earned their first music show win for ‘Can’t You See Me?’

After the album’s release, The Dream Chapter: ETERNITY reached No. 1 on the iTunes Top Albums chart in 49 regions including the U.S. The group’s new single “Can’t You See Me?” also topped iTunes charts around the world, and reached No. 1 on the iTunes Top Songs chart in 10 countries.

On May 26, the K-pop group’s success with The Dream Chapter: ETERNITY and “Can’t You See Me?” continued. At SBS MTV’s The Show, TXT took home first place for “Can’t You See Me?” The group competed against Sujeong of Lovelyz’s “Tiger Eyes” and Ken of VIXX’s “Just for a Moment.”

The Show airs every Tuesday, and it scores nominees through digital sales, music video views, album sales, and fan votes. Ken’s “Just for a Moment” scored 1,704 points, Sujeong’s “Tiger Eyes” scored 2,408 points, and TXT won first place with 8,880 points.

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Fans celebrated the group’s win on Twitter

After TXT’s win, fans trended #CantYouSeeMe1stWin on Twitter. With the hashtag, fans congratulated the members of the quintet and promised to work to get them a second music show win.

“Seeing them this happy is everything, let’s work harder to get them a 2nd win! #CantYouSeeMe1stWin,” tweeted a fan.

“I want them to be this happy always #CantYouSeeMe1stWin,” wrote a Twitter user.

“I will never get over this look at how happy they are best boys deserve all the wins #CantYouSeeMe1stwin @TXT_members,” one fan tweeted.