TXT Unveil Second Set of Concept Photos for ‘minisode 1 : Blue Hour’

Another day, another set of concept photos for Tomorrow X Together’s upcoming EP, minisode 1 : Blue Hour. Big Hit Entertainment released the “VR” version concept photos on Oct. 5, and once again, the K-pop group set the bar incredibly high for this comeback. Knowing TXT, Soobin, Yeonjun, Beomgyu, Taehyun, and Huening Kai will outshine the “VR” concept photos with the next set.

TXT | Big Hit Entertainment

What we know about TXT’s new album

TXT originally debuted in 2019, and they completed their The Dream Chapter album trilogy in May 2020. With the album series, the K-pop group explored the joys and challenges of growing up. They announced minisode 1 : Blue Hour on Sept. 21 with a motion graphic video that hinted at a virtual concept.

“From their debut EP, The Dream Chapter: STAR, through The Dream Chapter: MAGIC and The Dream Chapter: ETERNITY, the five members have continued a narrative of growth through a story of boys who continue to chase their dreams. minisode1 : Blue Hour is a short episode told by TOMORROW X TOGETHER before they progress into their next series,” reads a press release about the EP.

Based on this, minisode 1 : Blue Hour will not be attached to an album series and will be a stand-alone project. The EP will be released on Oct. 26 at 6 p.m. KST and 5 a.m. EDT.

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The K-pop group released new concept photos

Big Hit Entertainment released the first set of concept photos for minisode 1 : Blue Hour on Sept. 28. The group teaser photo showed individual images of the five members on a computer screen. Individual teaser photos of each member were also released.

A press release for the first set of concept photos says, “The ‘R’ version concept photo depicts the members of TOMORROW X TOGETHER virtually together but by themselves in an online space.”

Following the “R” version photos, Big Hit Entertainment released the “VR” teaser photos on Oct. 5.

“The ‘VR’ version concept photos depict TOMORROW X TOGETHER in a limitless virtual space reflective of today’s online-dominant lifestyle. The five members stand in front of colorful blocks, wearing confident expressions on their faces,” a press release states.

On TXT’s official website, fans can access the new “VR” concept photos on an interactive mobile phone interface.

What fans think of TXT’s new concept photos

For MOAs, minisode 1 : Blue Hour is shaping up to be TXT’s best album yet just based on the concept alone. Even though fans have not heard the music yet, they know TXT will deliver an impeccable album.

“Everything about this concept is so flawlessly executed, I can’t help but set my expectations high. The aesthetics, the commitment to the theme, the attention to details. The interactivity on the website is so well executed and fun to explore. I swear I try to be as unbiased as possible but this is legit the most interesting and high quality comeback period I’ve ever witnessed, a good ten years into being a kpop fan,” one Reddit user wrote.

“No one’s touching them when it comes to concepts. Add to this their impeccable discography, amazing performance skills and loveable personalities, and you have the recipe for a blockbuster,” a fan wrote on Reddit. “I’m in love with the concepts this time around. Version R was already such a delight and now VR comes in all guns blazing.”