‘The Umbrella Academy’: How Tall Is Tom Hopper, AKA Luther Hargreeves?

The Umbrella Academy has certainly been a hit TV show among a crowded field of recent comic book-inspired series. The series has a robust ensemble cast, and each of the stars has made themselves endearing to fans in different ways, providing plenty of opportunities for comparisons and favorites. 

One of the stars of The Umbrella Academy is Tom Hopper, and the series has served as a serious boost to the actor’s career that has raised his star power and opened doors to future projects. It’s also got fans more curious about the details of his life such as how tall he is. 

Tom Hopper as Luther Hargreeves
Tom Hopper as Luther Hargreeves | Netflix

‘The Umbrella Academy’ is an edgy fan favorite

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The Umbrella Academy has several interesting pop culture ties. For one, it’s based on the comic books of the same name, which were written by Gerard Way. Interestingly, Way had already made a name for himself as the lead vocalist for the band My Chemical Romance

The edgy series follows the lives of seven children who were all adopted by an eccentric billionaire. That’s not the only thing they have in common. They were all mysteriously born on the same day to women who had not been pregnant the day before their births. These children — seven of 43 such remarkable mysteries — all had superpowers, and Hargreeves, their adoptive father, formed The Umbrella Academy to train them and hopefully save the world. 

Those teenage years can be rough on any parent, and it turns out that they’re even harder for one man raising seven teens at the same time — who all happen to be endowed with superhuman skills. The group splintered and failed to keep in touch over the years. The series picks up with the “kids” all grown, nearing the age of 30 and returning to their childhood home after hearing about the passing of Hargreeves. 

Tom Hopper plays Luther Hargreeves on ‘The Umbrella Academy’

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The series has given several stars the chance to shine since each of the now-grown superhero children gets a chance to take the spotlight at different moments. Elliot Page plays Vanya, David Castaneda plays Diego, Emmy Raver-Lampman portrays Allison, Robert Sheehan plays Klaus, Aidan Gallagher portrays Number Five, Justin Min plays Ben, and Tom Hopper portrays Luther. 

Each character has their own strengths, foibles, and inner demons, and seeing the family come together, fall apart, and face their old wounds is something that transcends the superhero genre. Even viewers who typically shy away from the supernatural have to admit the appeal and heart of a show that puts family drama in starkly realistic terms — despite its positively surreal backdrop.  

How tall is Tom Hopper?

Top Hopper’s time as Luther has certainly helped boost his name recognition. A quick look at the star’s IMDb shows that he has had steady work since his debut with a guest spot on Casualty in 2007. However, it took him a little time to find his footing. Single-episode guest appearances on shows like Kingdom and Doctor Who eventually led to a more substantial role on Merlin, where he played Sir Percival. 

It has certainly been The Umbrella Academy that has made Tom Hopper’s name loom large, and that’s also what he (literally) did on the set. As PopBuzz reports, Hopper is an impressive 6’5″ tall, and that meant he positively towered over 5’1″ co-star Elliot Page. 

Hopper is running with his Umbrella Academy success and will appear in the upcoming The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard alongside Ryan Reynolds, Selma Hayek, and Samuel L. Jackson. He’s also been announced in the lead for the still-in-its-early-stages film Climber, an action-adventure flick that will center around his character’s tricky personality and daredevil attitude.