‘Umbrella Academy’s’ Robert Sheehan: “9/11 Was a Cover Up”

Robert Sheehan – the Irish heartthrob making cameo appearances in various fans’ late night dreams – plays Klaus Hargreeves on The Umbrella Academy. Since premiering in The Umbrella Academy, Robert Sheehan has been the subject of widespread critical acclaim and audience affection.

Robert Sheehan
Robert Sheehan | Photo by David Livingston/Getty Images

Robert Sheehan plays one of the seven superhuman siblings adopted by a billionaire industrialist in the Netflix original superhero show. The seven siblings have since grown apart, and are forced to reunite after their father’s passing to prevent an imminent apocalypse.

“What conspiracy theory do you believe in?”

Robert Sheehan recently sat down with Vice to discuss The Umbrella Academy and his role as Klaus Hargreeves, as well as his personal life and previous work in film and television. The interviewer asked Sheehan about embarrassing life moments and his favorite books before proceeding to question the star on conspiracy theories.

Sheehan was asked, “What conspiracy theory do you believe in?” He replied, “That 9/11 was a cover-up by the American government.” He goes on to explain why he endorses the theory, stating, “I honestly believe that. They did that to themselves to encourage the American people to get behind them to go and steal loads of people’s oil in the Middle East. I’m certain.”

As for Robert Sheehan, while many may not side with his opinion on this matter, as it inevitably doesn’t depict the American government in the best light, at least he was upfront about his beliefs. Commendable.

Robert Sheehan may be a joker, but he didn’t seem to be joking

Robert Sheehan, during most of his interviews, can be seen poking fun at fellow castmates, and making far-fetched and false claims just for the amusement factor; however, this time, when asked if he “really” believed that 9/11 was a cover-up, he seemed to answer with sincerity and utter conviction.

Going on to answer other seemingly random questions, including the worst celebrity he ever met and what he would choose for his last meal on death row, the conversation never made its way back to 9/11. However, fans would be interested in hearing more about his opinion regarding this matter, and how he came to decide such a conspiracy was true.

Will ‘The Umbrella Academy’ be renewed for season 2 (more Robert Sheehan to come)?

While Netflix has yet to make an official announcement regarding The Umbrella Academy’s future, according to NME.com, a film location for season two has been confirmed, and the show will reportedly start filming in May.

Recently, uncertainty regarding the show’s renewal has been surfacing. One actor on the show – Aidan Gallagher – concerned fans when he tweeted, “Thank you for the role of a lifetime! I will always look back and say wow that was the coolest role I ever played!,” according to NME.

While the tweet has since been removed, the wording does sound “final,” as if Gallagher will not be returning to play the time and space traveling Number Five.

Whatever the future holds for The Umbrella Academy, let’s hope the show sees a second season; its unique approach to the superhero genre should not yet be silenced.