‘Uncoupled’: 3 Cliffhangers Fans Need the Answers to in Season 2, if It Happens

Darren Star’s newest series, Uncoupled, released its first season to mixed reviews. While critics argued that the series was just a spin on Star’s most famous series, Sex and the City, fans were entranced by Michael Lawson’s journey after his husband, Colin, asked for a divorce after 17 years together. The eight-episode first season didn’t just follow Michael’s story; his friends also factored heavily into season 1. Season 1 also ended with several cliffhangers, some pertaining to Michael and others about his pals. Fans hope for answers to these three cliffhangers if Netflix orders a second season.  

[Spoiler alert: Major storyline spoilers for Uncoupled season 1 ahead]

There should be a final decision on Michael and Colin’s relationship in season 2 of ‘Uncoupled’

The entirety of season 1 of Uncoupled dealt with the fallout of Colin’s decision to end his nearly two-decades-long relationship with Michael. The show’s earliest episodes made it seem that Colin was gone for good, but as season 1 came to a close, it became obvious that maybe things weren’t completely over. 

Niel Patrick Harris in Netflix original 'Uncoupled'
Neil Patrick Harris as Michael | Barbara Nitke/Netflix © 2022

In the final moments of season 1, Colin returned, claiming he may have made a mistake and that his decision to walk out on Michael was rash. The season 1 finale didn’t end with a conclusion, so surely, season 2 will focus on whether Michael is willing to give his former flame a second chance. 

Season 2 of ‘Uncoupled’ should follow Stanley’s cancer diagnosis more closely 

In season 1 of Uncoupled, Stanley learns that he has breast cancer. The diagnosis affected his friend group deeply, but there was no conclusion during the season 1 finale. If season 2 happens, Uncoupled will highlight Stanley’s cancer treatment. 

Brooks Ashmanskas as Stanley James and Neil Patrick Harris as Michael Lawson
Brooks Ashmanskas as Stanley James and Neil Patrick Harris as Michael Lawson | Netflix © 2022

Star hinted at that fact during an interview with TV Line. Of the diagnosis, Star said, “It’s also part of getting older. Things happen. I look at it as the idea that Michael shares his pain with everybody around him. Then, when someone suddenly has cancer, it’s the real deal.”

This wouldn’t be the first time a show that Star was linked to had a breast cancer storyline. In season 6 of Sex and the City, Samantha Jones’ diagnosis was a massive plot point. By the time writers unraveled the storyline in Sex and the City, Star had stepped back from the series. 

Fans want to know who Kai’s birth father is

Uncoupled fans are clamoring to know more about Kai’s birth father. Kai’s interest in finding out who his birth father is featured during season 1, but ultimately Kai backs out when he realizes his interest in finding his father will likely hurt his mother. 

Tisha Campbell as Suzanne Prentiss, Neil Patrick Harris as Michael Lawson in episode 104 of 'Uncoupled.'
Tisha Campbell as Suzanne Prentiss and Neil Patrick Harris as Michael Lawson | Sarah Shatz/Netflix © 2022

Suzanne, however, takes it upon herself to go to the meeting Kai originally planned with the mystery man. While fans never learn who fathered the now-adult Kai in season 1, there is plenty of reason to believe the mystery will be unveiled if there is a second season of Uncoupled. According to Cinemaholic, there is reason to think fans of the series might already be familiar with Kai’s father. The publication surmises that Paolo might be Kai’s father. 

Will there be a second season of ‘Uncoupled’? 

Netflix has not yet announced whether Uncoupled fans will see more from Michael and, potentially, Colin. That’s not uncommon, though. The first season was just recently released, and it can take Netflix several weeks to several months to decide if a second season will happen. 

Brooks Ashmanskas as Stanley James, Neil Patrick Harris as Michael Lawson, and Emerson Brooks as Billy Jackson in 'Uncoupled'
Stanley, Michael, and Billy | Sarah Shatz/Netflix © 2022

The cast and crew are definitely on board with returning for more. Star might be a bit busy at the moment, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t thinking about what season 2 will hold for Michael, Colin, and friends. He told TV Line that he has plenty of plans for season 2. Several cast members are excited to see what comes next, as well. Star is currently in Paris, working on Emily in Paris

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