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  • Karen Pittman will star in Unthinkably Good Things, a new movie airing on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries on August 28.
  • The movie, which is set in Tuscany, is about a woman who turns to her two friends when she’s at a crossroads in her career and love life 
  • The film is the first in Hallmark’s new series of movies inspired by its Mahogany cards brand. 
Karen Pittman, star of the Hallmark movie 'Unthinkably Good Things,' in a strapless yellow gown on the red carpet
Karen Pittman | Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

Hallmark is preparing to launch the first movie in its new Mahogany line of films. Unthinkably Good Things stars The Morning Show’s Karen Pittman as a woman who turns two of her closest friends for support during a challenging time in her life. It’s the first in a planned series of movies focusing on Black voices and stories. 

Karen Pittman stars in the new Hallmark movie ‘Unthinkably Good Things’ 

Pittman, who plays Mia Jordan on The Morning Show and has also appeared in Yellowstone and the Sex and the City reboot And Just Like That…, is taking on her first Hallmark movie with Unthinkably Good Things. 

It’s about a woman named Allison (Pittman) who turns to her friends Melina (Joyful Drake) and Reesa (Erica Ash) when she is at a crossroads in her career and love life. The two women visit her in Tuscany, where they end up reexamining the state of their lives and their relationships. While each has a different personality and perspective, they know each other’s truth and help each other make life-changing decisions. Between the good wine, delicious food, and a beautiful Tuscan backdrop (plus a serving of romance), Allison, Melina, and Reesa relish the importance of friendship and inspire each other to take a leap and pursue the life they’ve always wanted. 

Pittman compares her ‘Unthinkably Good Things’ character to Mia on ‘The Morning Show’

In addition to Pittman, Drake, and Ash, Unthinkably Good Things also features Jermaine Love and Lance Gross. The movie, which was directed by Terri J. Vaughn, was shot on location in Italy. It premieres Sunday, August 28 at 9 p.m. ET on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries. 

Pittman can’t wait for people to see the new film. 

“Fall in love with your fresh start! Please join me on August 28 and meet #drallisoncooper on @hallmarkmahogany in #unthinkablygoodthings,” she tweeted.  

In an interview with Tamron Hall (via Twitter), Pittman drew comparisons between her character in Unthinkably Good Things and her roles in The Morning Show and And Just Like That…

“What I’ve had the chance to do in my career, and I feel so lucky, is to inhabit these women, these African-American women, who are highly ambitious, who are articulating themselves out in the world, that are still trying to put together what it looks like to have it all,” she said. “That’s my character on And Just Like That…, that’s Allison Cooper in Unthinkably Good Things, and Mia on The Morning Show. It’s been a great, great journey for me.”

The movie is the first in Hallmark’s new Mahogany franchise 

Unthinkably Good Things is the first movie in Hallmark’s new Mahogany franchise. The movies are an extension of the company’s line of Mahogany greeting cards. 

“Mahogany is a 34-year-old brand that has been an important part of the portfolio since its existence,” Crown Media Family Network president and CEO Wonya Lucas told Variety in a 2021 interview. “So for us, it’s not an initiative; it’s bringing something to life through storytelling.”

“When I look at Mahogany cards, I can clearly say to myself, ‘They see me,’” Lucas added. “It has a very distinctive voice, and it also has breadth. It represents the Black experience in many ways — from family to love to sisterhood — which is so important to Black women — to loss or trials and tribulations. [It represents] our journey.”


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