‘Vanderpump Rules’: Beau Clark Shares Whether or Not He Gives a F*ck About What People Think of Him

Beau Clark from Vanderpump Rules recently opened up about how social media hate impacted him, especially after he became a father.

He even gave an example of how negative fan comments and even blogs became during a chat with Katie Maloney-Schwartz on her Dear Media You’re Gonna Love Me podcast. Clark said prior to joining the show, he didn’t give negative comments a second thought. But fans became more aggressive and meaner once he joined Vanderpump Rules and it got to the point where he stopped reading comments and direct messages.

Beau Clark and  Stassi Schroeder pose backstage before a live 2019 show
Beau Clark and Stassi Schroeder pose backstage before a live 2019 show |Michael Tullberg/Getty Images

Beau Clark recalls getting trolled after he began appearing on ‘Vanderpump Rules’

Maloney-Schwartz asked Clark if he cared about what people thought of him. “I didn’t use to,” he said. “But then ever since, you know, getting on Vanderpump the followers and stuff. The more and more trolls and nastiness that people say, it’s like, it started to like chisel at like, just everything.”

“Just like I remember when I first met Stassi [Schroeder] it was like, Oh, he’s just trying to get on the show,” Clark continued. “Oh, he’s just like, you know, he just wants to, you know, build his career or just, you know, just like sh*t like that. And I’m like, that’s not true. I’m like, I actually really liked this girl, you know.”

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“And it was just more and more crap. I would read DMs and it would just like, Oh, the awfulness, you know, just of like with what they would say, I’m just like, you’re disgusting,” he recalled.

Someone even targeted his appearance

A blog even went so far as to attack Clark’s appearance. “Someone wrote an article, like how dirty I look and, you know, I look like a homeless man and, and like said all this other stuff,” he recalled.

“And then I found the writer,” he said. “Then I found her Instagram and I’m like, her husband looks exactly like me.” While he didn’t reach out to the writer, he did post the story on his Instagram. “And I was like, thank you.”

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“But it’s just things like that, you know, it just really started to break down,” he admitted. “Like I just started feeling sad about it, you know? And yeah, so, now I kind of do start to give like ‘F’s’ about it. Like I haven’t, I don’t read my DMs anymore. I don’t read, like, I don’t read many comments anymore.”

And while the negativity weighed on Clark, a friend pointed out one silver lining. “Like a friend of mine goes, we were at a Rams game at the Coliseum,” he recalled. “He goes, OK. So there’s like, 90,000 seats. So imagine you have 90,000 followers, and then just those two people up in the nosebleeds are saying, you suck, you suck d*ck, but you’re affected by that. But look at all these other people that are here for you and I’m like, you’re right, but this is what also, I think we do as humans.”