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Instead of indulging her sweet tooth, Brittany Cartwright from Vanderpump Rules opted for tequila shots and still lost weight during her numerous birthday celebrations this year.

Cartwright recently embarked upon Jenny Craig’s Max Up weight loss program. She had already lost seven pounds when her 32nd birthday arrived. This meant parties with friends and a trip to Disney World, but Cartwright didn’t sweat it. She still celebrated but had a game plan that allowed her to still indulge.

Brittany Cartwright swapped cake calories for tequila shots

Cartwright shared photos of the parade of cakes to mark her birthday. Each confectionery artistry looked irresistible, but Cartwright said she made conscious choices about where she wanted to use her additional calories.

VANDERPUMP RULES — “Don?t Do It, Brittany” Episode 804 — Pictured: (l-r) Lala Kent, Brittany Cartwright — (Photo by: Gustavo Caballero/Bravo)

“I am super dedicated so I skipped all the cakes brought to me at the end of the meals and let my family enjoy!” she told Showbiz Cheat Sheet. “I saved my calories for some birthday tequila shots instead! We finally had a babysitter, my mom, so Jax and I got to go have some fun!”

She added, “Obviously, drinking isn’t good for weight loss but I wanted to celebrate so we took away calories from other things so I could make room! My coach was there to guide me and help me all along so it was easy to stay on track and still celebrate, we had a blast!”

She also dished about how she played at Disney but stayed on track

During a Jenny Craig Max Up event, Cartwright revealed she’s lost an additional two pounds since returning from her Disney World vacation. She’s even closer to her 30-pound weight loss goal and credits the Max Up program for helping her stay on track while visiting the delicious theme park.

“My coach was actually able to send my Jenny Craig Max Up meals to my hotel which was absolutely amazing,” she said. “Obviously you’re going all day long whenever you go to a theme park, so she gave me snacks and things I could bring along with me so that I wasn’t tempted to have the Dole Whips and the donuts and all that stuff [laughs]. I was able to have my Jenny Craig bars or the ranch chips or the cheddar chips. Which is amazing by the way.”

She added, “I’m just very motivated and dedicated to getting down to the weight I want to be at. And having my coach there to help me whenever I did go to restaurants to pick the best meals. And the portion sizes. So it was actually very easy.”

Brittany Cartwright shares why she embarked upon a weight loss journey

Like many people, Cartwright said she gained weight during the pandemic and during pregnancy. “I gained, like a lot of other people, quarantine weight,” she said. “Probably about 20 pounds. And then after that, I got pregnant with my son, which is the best thing I’ve ever done in my entire life. And it’s all worth it, all the weight, I’ll do it again. But my postpartum weight loss journey was not like some of my friends. Some of them were right back to their weight immediately and may nine months out, it was just very hard for me.”

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She experienced cruel comments mainly from strangers online and what they said hurt. “People can be so harsh and so mean on a show where they feel like they know you or know what you’re going through or think that you should be a certain way,” she said. “And this isn’t real life. So like for me, I wasn’t able to go right back down skinny.”