‘Vanderpump Rules’: Is Scheana Shay Engaged?

Several of the Vanderpump Rules kids are hitting new milestones in their lives. Vanderpump alum Stassi Schroeder is pregnant with her first child and Lala Kent just announced that she and Randall Emmett are expecting as well. Scheana Shay has been one of the only original cast members who was still searching for “the one” for several seasons. Now, Shay is in a committed relationship and may even be engaged.

Scheana Shay
Scheana Shay | Rodin Eckenroth/Getty Images

How did Scheana Shay meet her boyfriend, Brock Davies?

Shay has had a number of failed relationships play out on Vanderpump Rules. First, she married Michael Shay on the show but the two later got a divorce once the reality star discovered that her husband had been lying and using drugs.

Shay then moved on to Robert Valletta, who she dated on the show and often talked about marrying. But Valletta wasn’t ready to move quite as fast as Shay and the relationship ended.

Next, Shay dated SUR barback Adam Spott and had a number of other flings before she finally met her boyfriend Brock Davies.

“Yeah, so when we first met, I just thought she was cute,” Davies said of how they met on Shay’s podcast Scheananigans. “I met a couple of her friends then, and I was like, ‘Ugh, L.A. chicks, stay away from these girls.’ And then we just chatted. The next day I figured out who she was because I didn’t know anything about her, so my mate told me her name, went on her social media. I was like, ‘Who is this chick? A million followers? Whatever.’ So then I slid into her DMs and then we hung out.

“From the get-go, it was just fun,” he continued. “It was easy and it was good, so I liked her from the beginning. And then to get to realize her other world she lives in now is pretty interesting. But it’s been a bit of a good trip for me. I enjoy it.”

Why Scheana has been more private with this relationship

In the past, Shay has been quick to show off her beaus, which has only made things harder for her when the relationship comes to an end. This time, she’s taking a more private route with her love life.

“I’ll post some Stories here and there so you can see a little bit, we’re doing this podcast, but I don’t really get much of a private life, obviously, and you’re not gonna have much of one anymore soon, either,” she said on the podcast. “But I just feel like every other guy I’ve dated I’ve always like shoved down people’s throats and posted and posted and posted and posted.”

Is Scheana engaged?

Recently, Shay posted a picture of herself with Ariana Madix and another friend. Some eagle-eyed fans spotted some bling on her left hand and asked if that was a ring on her left ring finger.


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Shay replied with a simple, “yes.”

Fans then began congratulating the Vanderpump Rules star though she never confirmed whether it was an engagement ring or just another piece of jewelry.