‘Vanderpump Rules’: Katie Maloney-Schwartz’s Scar Is a Reminder She Cheated Death

Giving The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills a series spinoff, Bravo introduced viewers to Vanderpump Rules in 2013 with up-and-coming entertainers like Katie Maloney-Schwartz, Stassi Schroeder, Lisa Vanderpump, and more. Fans got a glimpse into the acting industry’s real-life struggles on building their futures as well as love-life and friendship dramas.

Before we can contemplate Vanderpump Rules’ future, however, let’s dive into the past — particularly to the event that would change Maloney-Schwartz forever, both mentally and physically.

Katie Maloney-Schwartz smiling, sitting in a chair
Katie Maloney-Schwartz | Charles Sykes/Getty Images

The Bravo reality series ‘Vanderpump Rules’

Vanderpump Rules is a reality TV series like the Real Housewives franchise with a neat little twist. Instead of following a cast of socialites, the show follows one California socialite, her restaurant, and her staff of struggling actors. Just like RH, viewers get plenty of love, drama, fights, emotion, and insight into the cast’s personal and professional lives.

The cast has gotten plenty rich off of the reality show and has since made a boat-load of cash from the experience. Although many viewers speculate whether the cast actually works at Vanderpump’s restaurant anymore, she confirms they do — but not full time. 

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Season 9 filming is said to be around the corner, but major changes have it on hold at the moment. Not only did the coronavirus shut down restaurants in 2020 and hold back filming opportunities but some cast members were fired for being racially insensitive in the months to follow.

Katie Maloney-Schwartz’s role on the show

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Katie Maloney-Schwartz is best known for her part in BlackBoxTV and playing Sara Ford in 2009: A True Story, Ashley in Harper’s Globe, and Rachel in Under the Hood. However, none of those roles compare to that of the success with her reality TV debut on Vanderpump Rules. Since season one’s premiere, Maloney-Schwartz has been one of six main leads in the Vanderpump Rules series.

As an employee of Lisa Vanderpump’s West Hollywood restaurant, the reality TV star’s struggle with the entertainment business and love life has been in the spotlight for everyone to see. Viewers have watched the actor develop and finish her BFF relationship with Kristen Doute while falling head over heels and marrying co-star Tom Schwartz. Bravo says Maloney-Schwartz has grown to “finally feel like the best version of herself and ignores anyone who tries to make her doubt her worth.” This includes body shaming issues and ‘patience for stagnant people’ in her life.

The scar below her lip serves as a reminder she cheated death

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You likely remember the terrifying accident the Vanderpump Rules star was involved in back in 2009 — and if you don’t — you likely won’t forget it after you hear her story. She certainly never will, especially since the scar on her face serves as a reminder that not only did she almost die, but she survived the accident. She was on a roof with friends when she fell through a skylight, landing 25 feet below after hitting a staircase and handrail. 

“I had broken my jaw, my collarbone, and the majority of my ribs on my right side. [I] sustained a brain injury, subdural hematoma — which is the scariest part … I had my jaw wired shut for six weeks. I couldn’t raise my arms, so my mom had to be washing my hair and helping me bathe. The physical injuries, while painful, I healed – I [have] a little tiny scar on my face. Up here [mentally] has been harder to heal.”

Maloney-Schwartz also admitted in a Vanderpump Rules confessional, “When you cheat death, you can’t help but look at things differently.” Following her accident, she has refused to get rid of her scar. Instead, she wears it like a warrior — keeping it as a reminder she cheated death. Not only has she overcome a lot since the accident, but she has grown significantly from the experience