‘Vanderpump Rules’: Lisa Vanderpump Reveals if She’d Do a Cameo on ‘RHOBH’ With Garcelle Beauvais

Is there any chance of seeing Lisa Vanderpump dip out of Vanderpump Rules for a cameo on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills someday?

The short answer is no. But it didn’t stop Entertainment Tonight reporter Brice Sander from asking Vanderpump if she’d consider doing a one-on-one scene with friend Garcelle Beauvais on RHOBH after Beauvais let it slip that her son was working for Vanderpump.

How did Lisa Vanderpump connect with Garcelle from ‘RHOBH’?

Sander caught up with Vanderpump on the red carpet during the grand opening of Tom Schwartz and Tom Sandoval’s Schwartz and Sandy’s gastropub. Sander wondered if perhaps Vanderpump would consider doing just one scene on RHOBH with Beauvais.

Lisa Vanderpump from 'Vanderpump Rules' on the red carpet at an event.
Lisa Vanderpump |Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for DailyMail.com

“Well I love Garcelle,” Vanderpump said in an Instagram clip. Vanderpump then explained how she ended up employing Beauvais’ son Oliver.

“I mean, Garcelle came to me when we were having this fundraiser for Haiti,” Vanderpump said. “She came to me and she said, you know, could you give my son a job? He’s great. I like him very much. You know, I don’t watch the show anymore, Housewives. But I can imagine she’s got a lot to do.”

Why won’t Lisa Vanderpump from ‘Vanderpump Rules’ consider an ‘RHOBH’ cameo?

Needless to say, the cast looked stunned – to the point of falling out of their chairs – when Beauvais said that Vanderpump gave her son a job. But that was the extent of the remark on RHOBH and Vanderpump said she and Beauvais do not talk about RHOBH.

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“We don’t talk about [the show],” Vanderpump said. “I think it’s kind of simpler that way. I don’t want her to be in a position of, oh, Lisa said this or [that], you know. So, no, we actually don’t talk about it. But do a cameo … on that show? I don’t think so.”

Housewives history proves that doing a few short scenes or a cameo can create massive drama – not only for the cast. The Brandi Glanville and Denise Richards drama, where Glanville made a few cameos on the show, created a tidal wave and drove the storyline for RHOBH Season 10. Glanville received backlash, but also support. Richards ended up quitting.

What would need to change for her to consider a return to ‘Housewives’?

Vanderpump was pretty firm on her decision to concentrate on one Bravo show. In fact, she insisted that she doesn’t watch Housewives and didn’t see the scene when Beauvais told the cast that Vanderpump gave her son a job.

But never say never. Vanderpump said she might consider RHOBH if producers made massive casting changes. She told ET that she’d film with Beauvais and Sutton Stracke. But added, “But I answered that honestly: With this cast? No, it’d be impossible. I haven’t watched the show. As I said, it’s been, what, three years now? It’s ’18 that I left. I haven’t watched the show. And I don’t think that’s going to happen anytime soon. Unless they kind of cleaned house, then maybe. It’d be great. Just be Sutton, Garcelle, and me, right?”

Vanderpump famously had a falling out with former close friend Kyle Richards. But there’s also no love lost with Lisa Rinna either. “She says a lot of negative things. I certainly sat there for four reunions prior to the last one that I missed with them all ganging up on me. So it wouldn’t have been the first time. I just felt that I’d had enough.”

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