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Raquel Leviss’ real name is trending after the Vanderpump Rules star’s affair with castmate Tom Sandoval, who was in a nine-year relationship with Leviss’ friend Ariana Madix, was revealed. Here’s what happened between the Bravo stars and why fans are talking about Leviss’ real name.

"Vanderpump Rules" star Raquel Leviss smiles and poses at an event.
Raquel Leviss | Santiago Felipe/Getty Images

‘Vanderpump Rules’ star Tom Sandoval was caught cheating on Ariana Madix and having an affair with Raquel Leviss

On Wednesday, March 1, Ariana Madix was supporting Tom Sandoval at his band’s concert when she learned of his affair with their friend and co-star, Raquel Leviss. She saw “a selfie video sexual in nature from Leviss” pop up on Sandoval’s phone (per People), then scrolled through a long chain of inappropriate messages proving the co-stars had been having an affair for several months.

“Ariana had been there for Raquel when she went through her split with James. She thought they were friends,” an insider told People. “This isn’t something you do to a friend.”

Madix and Sandoval were the show’s longest-running relationship after Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz announced their divorce in 2022. Leviss was previously engaged to another Vanderpump Rules star, James Kennedy. She is shown pursuing Schwartz, Sandoval’s best friend, in season 10 of the Bravo show, which is currently airing. 

‘Vanderpump Rules’ fans unearthed Raquel Leviss’ real name amid her cheating scandal with Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix

Vanderpump Rules fans are often divided on the cast members’ personal lives, but they are almost 100 percent unanimously on Madix’s side as details of Sandoval and Leviss’ affair emerged. The hashtag #teamariana is trending on social media… and so is Leviss’ real name. 

Fans discussed Leviss real first name, Rachel, in a Reddit thread. The post shows a TikTok video with a photo of Leviss from her high school yearbook. Social media users are using the name “Rachel” as a symbol of Leviss’ true nature in the cheating scandal. 

“Sorry but no. It’s definitely an attempt to seem more interesting,” wrote one Reddit user. “Like Hilaria Baldwin.”

Another Reddit user said, “Her name is Rachel. She doesn’t deserve the rebranding to Raquel, a historically Spanish name, as a white Rachel.”

“I agree, I definitely think that we as the general public shouldn’t respect her desire to be Raquel though. She’s earned Rachel,” said one Reddit user, while another commented, “Who cares since she should be known as Home Wreckquel/Wreckhell anyways.”


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Many of the Bravo show’s cast members don’t use their real names

Raquel Leviss isn’t the only Vanderpump Rules star who doesn’t go by her real name. 

Scheana Jancan went by Scheana Marie until she married Mike Shay. She still uses her ex-husband’s last name professionally and on social media, even though they divorced in 2017, and she married Brock Davies in 2022.

Lala Kent’s real name is Lauren Burningham, which she occasionally styles as Lauryn Burningham. 

Fired cast member Stassi Schroeder shortened her first name from Nastassia, and Jax Taylor was born Jason Cauchi.