Vanna White’s Daughter Has a Surprisingly Rebellious Full-Time Job

The world knows and loves Vanna White as the elegant, letter-turning cohost of Wheel of Fortune. Fans know recognize the 65-year-old for her kind words and stunning smile. Viewers might remember some of those extravagant gowns from days past, with sequins, glitter, and super-puffy shoulder treatments.

What many don’t know about White involves her personal details. Let’s explore more about her marriages and family life. This includes her daughter, who has a surprisingly rebellious full-time job in stark contrast to the career path of her mother.

Vanna White beyond turning letters

TV personality Vanna White, her son, daughter, and husband attend a Wheel of Fortune event in 2017
Vanna White with her son, daughter, and husband in 2017 | Jim Spellman/WireImage

In 1958, White was born in Conway, South Carolina. Eventually, she set out to find her big break in LA as an actress. While White has modeled and appeared in a handful of movies and TV shows, like Graduation DayLooker, and Goddess of Love, she is most known as the iconic letter-turner on Wheel of Fortune, a job she’s held since 1982.

Today, White is unmarried, although she “feels married,” and has been fully committed to John Donaldson, her partner, since 2012. The mother of two is a cat person, as you might tell from her social media. Recently, she said goodbye to her beloved feline Stella.

White has an accomplished resume since the ’80s; this includes her own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. White also is a Guinness Book of World Records record holder as the most “frequent clapper.”

Over the course of Wheel of Fortune, White is reported to have clapped more than 3,721,446 times and counting. But her most prized title of all might just be mom.

Who is Vanna White’s daughter?

GioVanna “Gigi” Santo Pietro was born in LA on July 2, 1997, to White and her then-husband, George Santo Pietro. Gigi grew up under the watchful and protective eyes of her parents, who ensured she focused on her education. White’s only daughter developed a love and natural talent for art, photography, and drawing. It’s this love of art that led Gigi to her current, semi-rebellious, full-time job.

Gigi attended the New York Tisch School of the Arts and graduated in 2019. Her chosen profession now that she’s an adult, is tattooing. You can explore some of Gigi’s work and book an appointment with the Lincoln Tattoo Company on Instagram.

She loves what she does now for a living and continues to be close with both of her parents, along with her brother Nicholas, “Nikko,” who helped her remain focused on her passion.

Gigi Santo Pietro’s dad, dealing with divorce, and her brother

Buzz South Africa shared some of the core details about Vanna White’s life and family. White was married to George Santo Pietro, a successful Hollywood producer, for 12 years before they eventually called it quits. But before they separated, the couple had Gigi and her older brother, Nikko, who was born in 1994.

Nikko is also a college grad from the University of Arizona as well as Oregon State University. He found himself in a few headlines back in 2013 when he announced his relationship with a much older Liberian monk named Jaycee Akinsanya.

George Santo Pietro and Vanna White remained amicable after their split and provided a happy and stable environment for both children. Gigi and her brother still spend quality time with each parent. Their childhoods were relatively normal, with the exception of the few times they did get a taste of the celebrity lifestyle, including joining their mother while filming of Wheel of Fortune.

Despite her mother’s career in television and her father’s path as a prominent producer, Gigi is clearly embarking on her own path, far different from that of her parents.

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