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He’s a good boy. The singer and dancer, V, has a few hidden talents, whether that be playing red light, green light, or songwriting. He’s also pretty talented at basketball, as seen during one video posted to BTS’ YouTube Channel. 

BTS Members V, Jin, and Jungkook during the press conference for BTS' album, 'Be (Deluxe Edition)'
BTS Members V, Jin, and Jungkook during the press conference for BTS’ album, ‘Be (Deluxe Edition)’ | The Chosunilbo JNSImazins via Getty Images

BTS’ RM, Jimin, Jungkook, and V played basketball during one ‘Bangtan Bomb’

Prior to taping an interview and performance, some of the BTS members warmed up with basketball. V was the first one filmed for the Bangtan Bomb, taking shots and impressing Jimin and Jungkook, who watched on the sidelines. Then, Jimin and Jungkook challenged V to a game. With the first shot, V got a basket. 

“He’s suddenly good. I quit,” Jungkook said, according to a translation on the video. “He’s good all of a sudden, forget it. I don’t play with people who are good.”

This wouldn’t be the first time V shared his love for the sport. During one BTS Bangtan Bomb video posted to YouTube, V was playing an arcade version of basketball, earning points along the way.

He got hit in the head with the ball, but that didn’t stop him from throwing. When he earned another round of the game, he shouted, “oh, really?”

Does BTS play any sports?

Aside from their music stardom, the BTS members sometimes show their love of sports, even playing “football” while performing live at Soldier Field in Chicago during the Love Yourself: Speak Yourself World Tour. 

J-Hope often shares that he won a bronze medal for tennis. However, he earned the bronze medal out of three teams. During The Late Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, this rapper shared that if he wasn’t in BTS, he would most likely be a tennis player. 

However, BTS is not known for its athletic abilities. Instead, they earned several awards for their music. That includes their first Grammy nomination for the song “Dynamite.”


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The BTS members compete in challenges with the series, ‘RUN BTS’

Aside from their music stardom, the BTS members star in the “reality series” Bon Voyage, as well as the weekly series, RUN BTS. With RUN BTS, the members compete in tennis, badminton, and even laser tag, in addition to other challenges, games, and crafts. 

During one episode, the members had a mini-tournament with the arcade basketball game. RM was one of the first to shoot, followed by J-Hope, then Jimin, then Suga.

V was next, and then RM tried again. Jungkook went next and cheated his way to the top, earning over a hundred points and making the other members laugh.

Music by BTS is available for streaming on platforms like Spotify and Apple Music, while some original songs by V, like “Winter Bear,” are available on YouTube.