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Days after the world marked 25 years since Princess Diana’s death a video clip of her eldest son, Prince William, speaking to a child who lost his mother began circulating online.

William was 15 years old when his mom died following a car crash in Paris on Aug. 31, 1997. Now, a clip has resurfaced showing the Duke of Cornwall and Cambridge consoling a child grieving the loss of his mother.

Prince William during a visit to Daystar Evangelical Church in Great Abaco, Bahamas
Prince William during a visit to Daystar Evangelical Church in Great Abaco, Bahamas | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Prince William and Kate visited a center that helps vulnerable people

The video clip is from January 2022 when William and the Princess of Wales, formerly Kate Middleton, visited Church on the Street in Burnley, Lancashire. The center aims to help people struggling with issues such as poverty and homelessness.

During the visit, the prince and princess spoke to Pastor Mick Fleming. He set up Church on the Street in 2019 to help disadvantaged people living in Burnley and the surrounding areas. While there, the couple also chatted with an 11-year-old boy named Deacon Glover whose mother, Grace Taylor, died in 2021.

William comforts a child who lost his mom saying: ‘It gets easier’

When he first sat down with William and Kate, Glover didn’t appear too excited. A volunteer at the center said that’s because the youngster thought he was meeting a professional soccer player. Glover did become more engaged though once William started talking to him about his favorite team which is the Burnley Football Club.

The Prince of Wales asked about Burnley FC’s prospects before telling Glover: “I only found out a few years ago that my dad (King Charles III) is a Burnley fan.”

Their conversation then turned more serious when William asked Glover about his mom and told him he lost his mother as well. The prince then said: “It gets easier. I promise you.”

Glover didn’t meet a soccer star that day but instead got a message from a future king who knows exactly what he’s going through.

The prince previously said he was in shock for some time after his mother’s death

Prince William looking on during visit to the City of Derry Rugby Club
Prince William | Tim Rooke – Pool /Getty Images

Where Were Prince William and Prince Harry When Princess Diana Died?

Prince William has opened up in the past about how he felt following his mother’s death. In the documentary Diana, Our Mother: Her Life and Legacy, he talked about his emotions and the shock of it all.

“Slowly you try to rebuild your life and I kept saying to myself that my mother would not want me to be upset, she’d not want me to be down, to be like this,” William explained. “I kept myself busy as well, which is good and bad sometimes but allows you to kind of get through that initial shock phase.”

He added: “There [are] not many days that go by that I don’t think of her — sometimes sad, sometimes very positively. My mother lives with me every day.”