‘Vikings’: Fans Weigh in When It Comes to the Ancestor Ragnar Lothbrok Claimed

In the history of the series Vikings, Ragnar Lothbrok (Travis Fimmel) is the main character. Viewers watch him go from a farmer to an Earl to a King before dying in a plot he planned out specifically. 

Fans have been known to discuss the character in detail, and the topic of his supposed ancestor has come up. What are fans saying? We have all the details. 

Travis Fimmel in 'Vikings'
Travis Fimmel in ‘Vikings’ | Jonathan Hession/A+E Networks/History

Ragnar Lothbrok claimed this 1 Norse god as his ancestor

In the series, Ragnar never comes right out and says it, but it’s already an established fact when the show starts that he has said before that his ancestor is Odin, a Norse god. It’s mentioned numerous times during the show, and it’s something Ragnar wholeheartedly believes, or at least in the beginning, as his faith isn’t always there. Other people know about Ragnar’s claim as well, but it isn’t something Ragnar is vocal about, and fans might have pondered about the whole thing.

Fans on Reddit discuss the situation 

A fan on Reddit recently asked fans, “[Spoilers] Was anyone else confused about this detail regarding Ragnar?” They continue, “Quite often in the early seasons Ragnar is mocked by others for claiming to be descended from Odin, but I swear he never actually says this? Even if it was a throw-away line that I missed early on, the way other characters go on about it, you’d think he stands in the middle of town shouting about it, but I swear he never even says it. This is even weirder when you consider that it’s hinted Ragnar doesn’t really believe in fate etc. There’s probably something I missed, but I was confused as to where this actually came from.”

1 fan believes it’s something Ragnar Lothbrok said before the events of ‘Vikings’ began

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Other fans weighed in with their own thoughts on the matter. A fan thinks it must have been something Ragnar said before the series first started. He never comes out and outrightly says it, but everyone already knows about where Ragnar says his origins come from. But over time, Ragnar starts to doubt, but he is a full believer at the time he made that revelation.

“I think it must have been something he’d said before the series started, Bjorn mentions it to Rollo at one point and asks if it’s not true. And Ragnar only starts to stop believing in the gods as the series progresses. At first he believed in them as he prays to the statue of Odin for another child at Uppsala, but as time went on and things happened he started to doubt them and their existence.”

Ragnar ‘and his sons have a connection to Odin’

A fan mentions Ragnar and his sons’ “connection to Odin,” which can be seen when Ragnar dies and a man, presumably Odin, comes to all Ragnar’s children to alert them of the news when it happens. It’s a chilling scene in the series, and one that’s hard to forget.

“Ya in so far as I am aware Ragnar himself never says it,” a fan weighs in. “Throughout the show, we see that he and his sons have a connection to Odin by whenever one of Ragnar’s children or himself dies Odin in some forms present himself, to notify Ragnar or his sons of the death (notable exception of Sigurd though I think that is because they all saw it happen).”

One fan thinks the whole thing is “weird.” “I always found it weird,” they said. “Ragnar is not the kind of guy who would really believed it.”

1 fan thinks ‘it was most likely a family tradition’

Another fan thinks it could be “a family tradition” in which someone made the claim in the past. Ragnar could have just been continuing the legacy and story that his ancestor stated instead of it being something he started on his own.

“It was most likely a family tradition, something claimed by a big warrior type who was maybe a great grandfather or something,” they said.

Fans have different thoughts when it comes to Ragnar Lothbrok’s claim that his ancestor was Odin in Vikings.