‘Vikings’: Fans Weigh in on Helga: ‘She Was Too Good for Floki’

In the hit series Vikings, there are a number of characters that fans have gotten to know over the years. One of those is certainly the wife of Floki (Gustaf Skarsgård), named Helga (Maude Hirst). Fans recently weighed in on the character, and we have all the details as to what they said.

Maude Hirst and Travis Fimmel in 'Vikings'
Maude Hirst and Travis Fimmel in ‘Vikings’ | Jonathan Hession/A+E Networks/History

Helga in ‘Vikings’

In season 1, Helga is Floki’s good-natured companion. They work well together and seem to bring out the best in one another. She and Floki are extremely close with the main character, Ragnar Lothbrok (Travis Fimmel).

Helga is friendly with everyone, and she’s almost always smiling. She’s is usually positive with most situations, and she encourages Floki to get back into Ragnar’s good graces after their falling out. She also follows her husband on raids, and she proves herself a faithful wife over the years.

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In season 2, Helga and Floki get married and have a child named Angrboda, but she dies in season 4, which is a devastating blow for them both. However, Helga wants another child eventually, but Floki refuses. 

Helga doesn’t make it 

In season 4B, Floki and Helga go with Bjorn Ironside (Alexander Ludwig), Ragnar’s first son, on his quest to get to the Mediterranean Sea. On the way there, they stop at a seaport in what’s now a part of Spain, and Helga finds a girl named Tanaruz (Sinead Gormally) there whose parents are killed by other Vikings in their party. Helga ends up abducting the girl, who is a young teenager, and takes her against her will. Floki tries to persuade Helga not to, but she does anyways.

Tanaruz is taken back to Kattegat, and she is brought with them on a raid on England when the Great Heathen Army comes over on their longships after the death of Ragnar by the kings of England. During the attack on Winchester, Tanaruz stabs Helga with a knife, and then kills herself. Floki finds Helga as she’s dying, and she tells him, “You’re not like anybody else. Be yourself, Floki. This world. It is too small for you.” 

Helga dies in the finale of season 4B, and Floki is never the same. He’s devastated about it, and it changes him. He buries his wife under a tree, and it’s clear how much she meant to him when he says “Farewell, my heart.”

Fans weigh in on Helga in ‘Vikings’

On July 5, 2021, a fan of Reddit shared a post titled, “[No Spoilers] appreciation post for my favorite character.” Three images of Helga are shared, and fans weighed in with their own thoughts on the character.

One fan “loved” Helga and Floki together in the first season. “Loved her and Floki together in season 1, definitely underrated,” they said.

Another fan believes she’s “underappreciated,” and they can’t be the only ones who think that. “I think she’s underappreciated for sure!” they said. “Lovely pictures of her, so pretty 💕.”

Some fans had comments like, “We love Helga!” and “Helga is a Queen.”

A fan believes “she was too good for Floki.”

However, one fan wonders, “Of many characters, why Helga?”

Helga was an interesting character in the series Vikings. Fans can relive every moment with Helga from season 1 to season 4B by rewatching the series from the beginning.