‘Vikings’: Fans Weigh in on a ‘Heart-Warming’ Scene Between Ragnar and Floki

In the history of the hit series Vikings, there have been a number of important friendships that shaped the future for the characters. One of the most important of these involves Ragnar Lothbrok (Travis Fimmel) and Floki (Gustaf Skarsgård). They have a complicated relationship at times, but in the end, they realize how much the other truly means to them.

Fans recently spoke about a “heart-warming” scene between Ragnar and his good friend, Floki. We have all the details and what fans are saying about the moment from Vikings.

The friendship Ragnar Lothbrok and Floki share

Gustaf Skarsgård and Travis Fimmel in 'Vikings'
Gustaf Skarsgård and Travis Fimmel in ‘Vikings’ | Jonathan Hession/A+E Networks/History

In season 1, fans are introduced to the talented boat builder Floki. He’s a good friend to Ragnar, and he helps shelter him when he’s wounded and hunted by Earl Haraldson (Gabriel Byrne) and has nowhere else to go. He also builds Ragnar a fleet of ships they use to sail to England and raid. 

Their friendship waxes and wanes over the years, especially with Floki’s jealousy of Ragnar’s best friend, Athelstan (George Blagden), who was a monk at Lindisfarne on the first raid of England. Floki actually ends up killing Athelstan with an ax while he prays.

Bjorn Ironside (Alexander Ludwig), Ragnar’s son, arrests Floki for the murder of Athelstan when they return from their successful raid on Paris where Ragnar has been badly wounded. When he gets well again, Ragnar is forced to deal with the situation which was something he initially was trying to avoid. He punishes Floki by having him held in a cave without being able to move while drops of water fall onto his head constantly. However, he decides to let him go free eventually.

Despite that, the once close friends still manage to work together in the second raid on Paris, which fails miserably. Ragnar leaves and disappears for a number of years. When he returns, he hopes to bring an army to get revenge for the destroyed settlement in Wessex by King Ecbert (Linus Roache).

In episode 1 of season 4B, Ragnar visits Floki to ask him to come with him, but he has already promised Bjorn that he’d go with him on his latest quest. The two old friends reminisce about the past. They have dinner together, and Floki reveals he’s going with Bjorn to the Mediterranean. 

“You know I must go back to England,” Ragnar says.

“You should have gone back a long time ago,” Floki replies. It turns out Floki didn’t tell anyone else what happened with the destroyed settlement because “Floki loves you,” Helga (Maude Hirst) explains to Ragnar.

Ragnar Lothbrok and Floki have an emotional moment

Gustaf Skarsgård and Travis Fimmel in 'Vikings'
Gustaf Skarsgård and Travis Fimmel in ‘Vikings’ | Jonathan Hession/A+E Networks/History

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The next day, Ragnar says goodbye to his friend. “I have a feeling if you don’t come with me, I will never see you again,” Ragnar tells him.

I wouldn’t be too sure about that Ragnar,” Floki says while they stand near the water. “And after all, whatever the fates have in store for us, we’re sure to meet again in Valhalla.”

They skip rocks and Floki talks about the friends they’ve lost and how it will be in Valhalla. But Ragnar informs him that he isn’t sure if he’ll see him there in Valhalla. Floki tells him not to say that, “If anyone deserves to go to Valhalla it’s you,” he says.

Ragnar touches his shoulder and says, “Watch over my family. And take care of Helga. You don’t deserve her.” He skips another rock and adds, “I love you.”

Floki laughs a little as Ragnar walks away, and he gets emotional before yelling, “I love you too Ragnar Lothbrok.”

“I love you too Ragnar,” Floki then says to himself.

Fans weigh in

Fans recently discussed the scene on Reddit. A fan posted some shots of the moment, including Ragnar saying he loves Floki, Floki laughing, and then shouting back that he loves him too. There is also a shot of him saying to himself, “I love you too Ragnar.”

“[No Spoilers] This scene is soo heart-warming :’),” a fan wrote on Reddit.

One fan agrees and says they “found closure” with this scene in particular. “It is. I found closure in that scene,” they said. “The show might as well have ended there, as far as I’m concerned.”

Ragnar and Floki were friends for a long time, and they went through a lot together. A fan says they “loved” the friendship Ragnar and Floki shared despite its flaws. 

“I don’t care how flawed it was, I loved their friendship,” they said.

How could Ragnar and Floki not hold each other in high regard after everything they went through together? Another fan thinks the moment shows “what they each meant to each other,” and some fans would have to agree.

“I mentioned this in an earlier thread, of all the stuff that goes on in the show, this is the part that got me the most,” they explained. “It wasn’t heavy-handed, just emotional enough to show what they mean to each other.”

It’s no question that Floki cared about Ragnar, especially in the early days of their friendship. A fan thinks Floki hearing Ragnar tell him that he loves him was all he “wanted to hear” from him. 

“Those three words are all Floki wanted to hear from Ragnar,” they said. “You could see the happiness in his face when it was said.”

Other fans wrote, “Actually my favorite scene,” and another added, “This was actually the most emotional scene in the whole show imo.”

Ragnar and Floki never see each other again after that fateful goodbye. It’s an emotionally charged situation, and one fans still remember from Vikings.