‘Vikings’: Katheryn Winnick Reveals What It Was Really Like Working With Travis Fimmel

Fans of Vikings know that the love Ragnar (Travis Fimmel) has for Lagertha (Katheryn Winnick) is real. They care about each other even after they divorce and move on physically. The connection between the actors who play Ragnar and Lagertha is undeniable considering their major on-screen chemistry. Winnick reveals what it was like working with Fimmel.

Lagertha is the first wife of Ragnar Lothbrok

Katheryn Winnick
Katheryn Winnick | Stephane Cardinale – Corbis/Corbis via Getty Images

Lagertha is the first wife of Ragnar, and she has two children by him. After Lagertha has a miscarriage, Ragnar ends up cheating on his wife with Aslaug (Alyssa Sutherland). Aslaug becomes pregnant with Ragnar’s child, and she comes to Kattegat. Lagertha leaves when she is shamed by Ragnar. He plans to take care of Aslaug and the child, so Lagertha must leave him or stay and share Ragnar. She leaves with Bjorn by her side, and it isn’t until years later that she sees Ragnar again when she runs to his aid.

Katheryn Winnick reveals what it was like to work with Travis Fimmel

Winnick spoke with Collider about her role as Lagertha on the hit series. And she was asked about working with Fimmel. Apparently, Fimmel is a “prankster,” according to Winnick. That certainly kept things more than interesting on set.

“He would always test the other cast members,” Winnick said. “Right before your close-up, he would either whisper something in the ear or pinch you, or something, and you’d have to keep a straight face. There was one time when, all of a sudden, there was screaming. I was like, ‘What’s going on?’ He ended up putting a rooster in this guy’s car, surrounded by hay, and this poor guy had to clean it all up.”

Lagertha and Ragnar are ‘a love-match’

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Winnick said Fimmel is a hard worker when it comes to his job as an actor. However, he also knows how to have fun with his pranks. She clearly has a lot of respect for Fimmel and his craft, which is evident by their on-screen chemistry. She described Ragnar and Lagertha’s connection as “a love-match,” and many fans would certainly agree.

“He definitely kept everybody on their toes and kept it a lot of fun,” Winnick continued. “And how hard he worked and prepared really inspired everybody else to work hard, as well. It wasn’t very hard to fall in love with him. He’s such an amazing person, and also very good looking. I think it’s important to have that chemistry between Lagertha and Ragnar, so hopefully you’ll see how evident it is. It’s definitely a love-match.”

When Ragnar died, he came to Lagertha before going off to Valhalla — or at least she believed he did. And when she died in season 6, she went to Ragnar in a symbolic moment when she descended to the seafloor and lay beside him.

It’s clear that Winnick and Fimmel have a connection, and it comes out in all sorts of ways in the series. Many fans even consider the relationship between the characters Ragnar and Lagertha essential to Vikings.