‘Vikings’ Season 6B: Fans React To the Death of a Legend

Vikings season 6B has finally premiered on Amazon Prime Video. Fans can see how it all ends for the remaining sons of Ragnar Lothbrok (Travis Fimmel). The death of one significant character has fans talking.

[Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers from ‘Vikings’]

'Vikings' ship at San Diego Comic Con
‘Vikings’ ship at San Diego Comic Con | Joe Scarnici/Getty Images for HISTORY

What happens to Bjorn Ironside in season 6B of ‘Vikings’?

One moment from the mid-season finale had fans worried about the fate of Bjorn Ironside (Alexander Ludwig), who is stabbed in battle against the Rus. Prince Oleg (Danila Kozlovsky) and his vast forces, complete with Ivar (Alex Høgh Andersen) and Hvitserk (Marco Ilsø), have come to invade Scandinavia. But Bjorn puts up a good fight along with King Harald (Peter Franzén) and the rest of the Vikings. However, Bjorn’s wound is a source of much debate, since it seems like Ivar kills him on the beach when he’s supposed to be somewhere else entirely.

When season 6B picks things back up, Bjorn is taken home to Kattegat very badly wounded. But he still has a plan, and he proves himself a brilliant tactician. Wounded and barely able to move in his bed, he has King Hakon (Mishaël Lopes Cardozo) spread a rumor to the Rus that Bjorn has already died. Hakon is killed by the Rus, but the plan works.

Bjorn rides out to meet the Rus by himself, still hurt and barely able to sit upright. Ganbataar (Andrei Claude), a captain in Oleg’s army, shoots Bjorn with three arrows, but Bjorn miraculously still lives. It terrifies his enemies, and he even unsheathes the Sword of Kings, and lifts it into the air. His army, which includes those who have answered his call, rally to his aid. They surround the Rus and win the battle. Many of the Rus retreat, but Bjorn loses his life in the process. 

Bjorn is given a lavish burial where he sits atop his horse with his sword in his hand in the air held up by a chain from the ceiling. He dies saving his country and using his wit to outdo his enemies, but he loses his life in the process.

Fans react to the death of a legend

Alexander Ludwig in 'Vikings'
Alexander Ludwig in ‘Vikings’ | Jonathan Hession/A+E Networks/History

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It’s no surprise the Bjorn will live on in legend in the series. And of course, fans had a lot of opinions about how Bjorn died. On Reddit, fans recently talked about the situation in a discussion about episode 11. Some fans are still trying to figure out who really stabbed Bjorn, since Ivar was supposed to be somewhere else at the time.

“He didn’t actually stab Bjorn, it was just another soldier,” a fan weighed in. “That was more of a symbolism. The symbol is the fact that Ivar’s planning resulted in the Viking’s defeat and stabbing of Bjorn …”

Many thought Bjorn’s death was a fitting end for him. One fan thinks it was “a great send-off for Bjorn.” Hvitserk also said a few words for his brother and quoted Ragnar’s words as well.

“Though I didn’t expect Ganbaatar to be the one to finish him off,” the fan said. “And it brought a tear to my eye to see Hvitserk wishing Bjorn the best afterlife and quoting their father’s last words.”

A fan “loved” that the series “killed Bjorn” and it wasn’t a fake out. “Not in the sense that I hated him, but I’m tired of the fake outs most tv shows do now, and it was nice to see a show follow through,” the fan explained. “Was definitely an epic but also very sad moment, but reminds me why Vikings is such a great show.”

One fan calls Bjorn a “tactical genius,” and he certainly earns the title with his last battle plan. “Just finished the episode- I think that was the best ending for Bjorn, he was a tactical genius!” the fan wrote.

However, not everyone thought Bjorn’s death was well done, which makes sense with such a controversial death. One fan describes it as falling flat. 

“Bjorn’s death kinda fell flat for me. They didn’t need his wife to spell out to us exactly what happened and what it symbolizes …” the fan said in the comments.

Another fan describes being “fine with how Bjorn died.” But they think it was “sloppy placement” to have Bjorn die with another nine episodes left in the series.

“But like… from a storytelling point of view, that was really sloppy placement,” they said. “Going from a fake out death into the next episode, the actual death with nine more episodes to go…. just not very good. Disappointing start.”

“So they killed Bjorn last season, only to tell us he’s still alive, and then they killed him this episode? That’s mean,” a fan pointed out about Bjorn’s death.

Bjorn Ironside died in battle leaving his name to live on in legend amongst his people. Although some fans thought it was a fitting end, not everyone agrees with how things played out.