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Season 6B of Vikings finally premiered in all its glory on Amazon Prime Video on December 30, and some fans will feel like it tied up loose ends and brought things to a close. But there were also some shocking moments viewers won’t expect.

[Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers from ‘Vikings’]

A Viking ship at San Diego Comic Con for 'Vikings'
A Viking ship at San Diego Comic Con for ‘Vikings’ | Joe Scarnici/Getty Images for HISTORY

Ubbe is set on finding the Golden Land

Partial cast of 'Vikings'
Partial cast of ‘Vikings’ | Amazon Studios

Fans will recall that Ubbe (Jordan Patrick Smith) has been seduced by the idea of finding the Golden Land ever since he first heard about it. After traveling to Iceland to search for the whereabouts of his family friend, Floki (Gustaf Skarsgård), he meets Othere (Ray Stevenson), a wanderer. He speaks of a Golden Land, and it’s been on Ubbe’s mind ever since. Othere seems to be set on lying about who he is though, and on multiple occasions he adds details about his former life that makes them all question what’s true about his story and who he really is. Despite that, they need him to find this new land according to Ubbe.

Torvi and Ubbe lose someone close to them

Georgia Hirst, Jordan Patrick Smith, and Ray Stevenson in 'Vikings'
Georgia Hirst, Jordan Patrick Smith, and Ray Stevenson in ‘Vikings’ | Amazon Studios

‘Vikings’ Season 6B: The Major Questions That Need to Be Answered in the Final Episodes

In episode 13, Torvi (Georgi Hirst), Ubbe’s wife, tells her daughter about the sea serpent Jormungandr’s encounter with Thor while they’re in the boat after leaving Iceland looking for the Golden Land. But on their trip to find it, a storm develops while they’re at sea. Ubbe tries to steer over the rough ocean as water gushes into the small boat.

Asa, who is the child of Torvi and Bjorn Ironside (Alexander Ludwig) sees Jormangandr in the ocean, and calls his name out. Next, fans see the serpent rise out of the waves, but no one else seems to be able to see it except for Asa. When the boat comes over a wave, Ubbe loses control of the steering, and a large amount of ocean water comes into the boat through a break in the canvas covering.

Torvi realizes that Asa is no longer there, and she frantically looks for her everywhere inside the vessel. “Where’s my child? Where’s my child?” she calls out while holding onto her baby son, Ragnar. She finds Othere, and says, “No, no,” as she hits him when he tries to comfort her. She looks for Asa out in the water, but it’s no use, she’s been washed overboard and is presumed dead.

Torvi is understandably distraught, and she never sees her child again. Despite the Vikings landing in Greenland instead of finding the Golden Land, Asa is still gone, and it’s a hard thing for Torvi to deal with. She later tells her husband that she believes it was “fated” to happen when he tries to say it was his own fault.

Ubbe finds the Golden Land

Ubbe and the rest eventually find the Golden Land, but it isn’t an easy process. They lose many people along the way when a whale washes up in Greenland on Kjetill’s (Adam Copeland) land after they divide up the area. A fight breaks out over food, and Ubbe and many others leave in the boats during the fighting. But without adequate food and water, it leads to more death.

However, they do find the Golden Land, and there they find Floki once they realize the Native Americans they’ve encountered can speak their language. It’s a nice turn of events despite the loss of Asa and the other Vikings.

Torvi will always remember her daughter, and it’s truly a sad loss for the mother who has already lost other children, including her son, Hali in season 6.