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Most fans of Vikings can’t imagine anyone else playing the main character, Ragnar Lothbrok other than Travis Fimmel. Everything about his portrayal of the famous Viking is unique, down to his mannerisms and responses. It may surprise fans to know what part Fimmel really wanted to play in the series Vikings. Read on to learn more.

Ragnar is arguably the most famous Viking of his time

Travis Fimmel
Travis Fimmel | Vincent Sandoval/Getty Images

Ragnar makes himself great when he sails west. Everyone doubts his desire to find a new land, but he knows it’s there. He finds it and takes a small party to Lindisfarne in the first-ever raid on England. It’s here that he meets his greatest friend, Athelstan (George Blagden).

Ragnar eventually becomes the earl of Kattegat, and then the king. He continues raiding, including a raid on Paris when he pretends to play dead to get into the gates of the city. He lets the rest of the Vikings in and they take what treasure they want. Ragnar is then known for his exploits far and wide.

What part did Travis Fimmel really want to play in the series?

Fimmel spoke with The Wrap in 2017 and he revealed who he really wanted to play in Vikings. It turns out, he was really interested in the role of Floki, but Gustaf Skarsgard was already cast for the part.

“I actually wanted to play Floki originally, but the good stuff was already cast,” He said. “And he did it way better than I could ever do it.”

It’s hard to imagine anyone else playing either Ragnar or Floki in the show. Fimmel has a way of making Ragnar even more mysterious and unpredictable in his thoughts and actions, which always keeps things very interesting throughout the many seasons.

Travis Fimmel never wanted to be an actor


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Fimmel told GQ Australia in 2018 that he never actually wanted to be an actor, which is kind of surprising considering how talented he really is.

“I just f***ing came out here and tried to do it,” Fimmel revealed. “I did a class. I never wanted to be an actor, ever. I still don’t.”

It turns out he doesn’t like auditioning either. “There’s people that like to get up and talk in front of people,” Fimmel revealed. “I wasn’t the kid that enjoyed reading out loud in class.”

It all seems to come naturally to him. It’s hard to believe Fimmel never wanted to be an actor, but luckily he was cast in the role of Ragnar Lothbrok and he’s become a household name to many fans.

Ragnar Lothbrok eventually meets his end when he goes back to England to get revenge for the settlement in Wessex after it’s destroyed. Although he dies in the process, his sons come over and get revenge for his death and legacy.

Travis Fimmel will live on as the memorable Ragnar Lothbrok in the hit series Vikings. Many fans have been known to rewatch earlier seasons just to relive every moment with Fimmel as Ragnar.