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In season 6 of Vikings, fans get to see a different side of Bjorn Ironside (Alexander Ludwig). He becomes the King of Kattegat, and from then on, he’s constantly comparing himself to his very famous father, Ragnar Lothbrok (Travis Fimmel).

Fans wonder why Bjorn wants to be King of Norway so badly when it’s actually brought up. He acts like it’s his life’s dream. Read on to learn what fans have to say about it.

Bjorn Ironside wants to be King of all Norway

Alexander Ludwig
Alexander Ludwig | Charley Gallay/Getty Images for Tom Ford

When Olaf (Steven Berkoff) comes up with an idea to have one King of all Norway, Bjorn takes the dream up as his own. His desire to be the king over everyone is plain to see, and it’s devastating for him when his rival King Harald (Peter Franzén) is voted in as the king.

It’s interesting that Bjorn seems very content at being the King of Kattegat, and then he quickly leaps for higher aspirations when it seems to be within his grasp. However, Bjorn isn’t chosen as the king and the disappointment couldn’t be more obvious.

Why did Bjorn Ironside want to be King of Norway so badly?

Fans are still perplexed months later about why Bjorn wants to be King of Norway so badly. He is already King of Kattegat, but he wants even more power. One fan recently wrote on Reddit asking why Bjorn gets “so upset” when he isn’t chosen at the election.

“I don’t get why Bjorn is so upset as to not being King of all Norway,” a Reddit user wrote. “It was never his desire but the second Olaf brings it up he’s like ‘oh yeah that’d be cool.’ This has been King Harald’s goal since day one.”

Bjorn’s father knew that power corrupts


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One fan quotes Bjorn’s father, Ragnar Lothbrok, in one of his most famous lines about power. “Power is dangerous. It attracts the worst and corrupts the best,” a fan wrote.

Another fan brought up an excellent point about how bad it would be for Harald to have power like that over everyone, including Bjorn himself. “Because Harald having that much power could become a problem for him, since Harald already sees him as a rival,” a fan pointed out.

Bjorn and Harald share a fierce rivalry, which makes them both want the crown even more

A fan remembers Harald’s opinion on Bjorn about how he is different. They each share a rivalry that could destroy them both. King Harald believes he won’t be the true king until he kills Bjorn himself. The tension between them has been obvious since the day they first met. It makes them both grasp for power even more and the showdown to be king is just a part of it.

“Yep as Harald said, ‘Bjorn is different. When I finally kill him is when I am truly King of all Norway.’ He knows Bjorn has so much support and that the only reason he won that election is because he bribed the other Jarls/Kings,” another fan wrote.

Bjorn likes being in control

One fan says Bjorn likes the control, especially when it comes to power. He first gets a taste for it when his father is king and it only grows as he ages. Coupled with his rivalry with King Harald, it’s a recipe for disaster. Bjorn is always trying to reach higher and higher for more control.

“Bjorn is a control freak who can’t stand when he’s not in control,” a fan said about the situation.

Bjorn Ironside wanted to be King of all Norway, but unfortunately, it doesn’t work out that way for him.