‘Vikings’: Why Lagertha Deserves a Spinoff of Her Younger Days Before Meeting Ragnar Lothbrok

In the history of Vikings, there are a number of characters that should have their own spinoffs. Numerous fans seem to love Lagertha (Katheryn Winnick) and how she deals with life. She meets Ragnar Lothbrok (Travis Fimmel) and marries him. She gives him two children, though only one makes it to see adulthood. Lagertha is a fierce warrior, so just imagine how she was in her teenage years?

Lagertha is more than the first wife of Ragnar Lothbrok

Katheryn Winnick
Katheryn Winnick | Paul Archuleta/GC Images

Fans are first introduced to Lagertha when she is already married with children. She is happy with her life on the farm, although she already has a reputation as a fierce Viking warrior. From the first moment fans meet Lagertha, it’s clear that she’s loyal to her core and she fights for what she believes in.

On one occasion, Lagertha kills a man named Cnut when she sees him sexually assaulting another woman and he attempts to assault her as well. She fights for what’s right and it would be interesting to see how she got her strong belief system and moral code. Although she is heavily influenced by her gods, she also seems to have her own standards she personally upholds as well.

Not much is known about her humble beginnings

Lagertha does mention that her parents were farmers. When Aslaug (Alyssa Sutherland) asks Lagertha about her parents, she tells her they were “just farmers.” Aslaug says there must have been more to them, and Lagertha insists that some people are content to just be farmers in life. it’s a strange conversation and one that is more awkward considering Aslaug is pregnant with Ragnar’s child.

It would be nice to see Lagertha’s home and where her parents raised her. Were they warriors like their daughter? Did they fight alongside her as she grew into adulthood? A spinoff would answer these questions.

How did Lagertha become an accomplished shield-maiden?

Since we don’t know much about Lagertha’s upbringing, it’s impossible to know how she became the person she is. How did she get so good at fighting? Did she train with her parents or neighbors? Fans would enjoy seeing a young Lagertha learn to fight and raid for the first time. Was she always a skilled fighter or did she need to go through many grueling hours of training to get to where she is? Without a spinoff, we don’t have the answers.

The Mother of Norway


‘Vikings’: Lagertha’s Most Memorable Moments

Lagertha ends up being called the Mother of Norway, but what was her young life like? How did she become the woman fans are first introduced to in season 1? It’s unclear how old she is when she is Ragnar’s wife, but it’s a certainty that she had an interesting life before meeting him. That part of her life is pivotal to understanding the woman Lagertha becomes.

Lagertha is arguably just as famous as her ex-husband Ragnar, but how did she get that way? She already had a reputation when fans first meet her, so how was her life before meeting him? With a Lagertha spinoff, we’d get the answers we desperately need.