‘Virgin River’: Charmaine Might Not Be the Only One Having Jack’s Babies

Virgin River fans can’t get enough of the Netflix show. But while the romantic drama continues to be binge-worthy, it has diverted in some major ways from the books it is based on. That’s not necessarily bad, of course, as both can shine in their own ways. But there’s one plotline in particular – Charmaine’s recent pregnancy on the show – that could become quite a conundrum for fans if another book storyline is moved as others have been. 

Mel and Jack sitting on a tree trunk in the woods
(L-R) Alexandra Breckenridge as Mel Monroe and Martin Henderson as Jack Sheridan | Netflix

Read on to see why, if the books are any indication, Charmaine might not be the only one having Jack’s babies on Virgin River. (Spoiler Alert: if you haven’t read the books, or finished season 2, this post will have some serious spoilers. Be forewarned.) 

The major pregnancy storyline on ‘Virgin River’ and how it differs from the books

Charmaine is currently pregnant with Jack’s twins. This has split from the books in a couple of major ways. Screen Rant outlined some of the biggest differences between the books and the show. One is that in the books, Charmaine wasn’t as prominent of a character. Her role in the Netflix series features much more heavily and only continues to grow in the show’s second season. The second way is that Jack wasn’t the biological father in the books. 

The show’s writers have clearly taken some creative license, changing around the events of the book for the purpose of a better story for the show. It seems like it’s paying off, as fans have responded to the series with significant interest. 

Mel’s pregnancy trauma rocked the show to its core 

One of the most gripping, heartbreaking elements of the show has been Mel’s extensive pregnancy issues in her past. She suffers through the traumatic experience of delivering a stillborn child, which is emotionally gut-wrenching for anyone. That’s something many viewers who have had their only fertility issues can no doubt relate to. It’s all part of what makes the show so engaging. The audience can picture themselves in the main character’s shoes, in both good times and bad. 

The shocking development, however, was that in the books, Mel is eventually able to get pregnant with Jack. That’s the type of disruption that could really seismically shift the show’s course in a big way. 

Why Charmaine may not be the only one having Jack’s babies on ‘Virgin River’

The Netflix series has moved around plenty of material from the books to fit their narrative here. They’ve combined characters, changed roles, and altered arcs as they’ve seen fit. In fact, the first season combined the events of the first two books in the series.

This is to be expected when adapting something from page to screen; after all, what works in a book doesn’t always work on camera and vice versa. Netflix’s penchant for doing this with Virgin River may indicate some interesting possibilities for fans, however. 

So what does this mean for the show? What if, like with other elements of the book’s transition to Netflix, they move Mel’s pregnancy storyline up? Plenty of other existing plot points have been moved around lately. And what if, like in the books, Jack is the father to Mel’s child? 

Try to imagine a love triangle involving children between Charmaine, Jack, and Mel. While it wouldn’t necessarily be comfortable to watch, it would be appointment TV. It would also make for compelling material. While this show is more PG-rated as opposed to R in nature, their ability to address a pregnancy angle once means they could definitely do it again. 

At the end of the day, these characters thrive on conflict and drama. A Mel, Jack, and Charmaine triangle would add plenty of that. 

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