‘Virgin River’: Does Lilly Die? Learn About the Fate of Lynda Boyd’s Character

On Netflix, people can stream the romantic drama Virgin River. The show is about Mel moving to a remote town to start her new job. One person she meets is a recurring character named Lilly. So far, the series only has three seasons, and a fourth one is on the way. As viewers catch up on the recent episodes, they will learn of Lilly’s fate. So does Lilly die in Virgin River?

Lilly’s storyline in ‘Virgin River’ includes heavy themes

Mel and Jack sitting in a church in 'Virgin River'
‘Virgin River’ (L to R) Alexandra Breckenridge as Mel Monroe, Martin Henderson as Jack Sheridan, Christina Jastrzembska as Lydie, and Grayson Maxwell Gurnsey as Ricky. | Netflix

One of the subplots of Virgin River involves Lilly, a friend of Connie’s and a member of the town’s knitting group. Viewers find out in the first season that she is a mother of two , an infant named Chloe and her eldest daughter Tara. However, Lilly is raising her baby as a single parent. She reveals to Mel that her husband died months ago. Now, Lilly struggles with postpartum depression. The character also owns a piece of land that includes a farm.

Eventually, Lilly receives an offer from a lumber company to buy out her farm. The company is called Emerald Lumber, and Brady represents the business. At first, Lilly is excited about the news, but she refuses to sign the contract once she learns who Brady works for.

In season 3, Lilly’s storyline handles heavy themes when the character becomes ill. She reveals that she was diagnosed with stage four pancreatic cancer. She appears in the next several episodes to spend time with friends and say goodbye to loved ones.

Does Lilly die in season 3 of ‘Virgin River’?

Tragically, Lilly did die in Virgin River. According to HITC, her death occurred in episode 8 of season 3. Her last moments were with her loved ones by her bedside — but not before Lilly told Tara that she did not have to stay in town out of obligation. The residents of Virgin River gathered to mourn Lilly at her funeral. They remembered her for her open heart and generosity.

The show’s characters were not the only ones who felt sympathetic to Lilly in season 3. Many fans were touched by Lilly’s final moments. Several of them could relate since they know someone who has or had cancer. Some people praised the series for shining light on the serious topic. Actor Lynda Boyd explained that the season was challenging for her to do.

“I’ve known Teryl (Rothery), who plays Muriel, since I was 14 years old. [She] and I used to take tap dancing lessons together, so standing up before them and telling them what a wonderful life I’ve had and how much it meant to me — they were all bawling,” Boyd said.

What else has Lynda Boyd starred in?

Boyd has had a prolific career since the 80s. Many people remember the movie She’s the Man, which had a humorous cast and many one-liners. Boyd appeared as Cheryl, who is the debutante ball’s hostess. She also had a minor role in I Spy in 2002. Additionally, Boyd had a role in the second film of The Final Destination series; she played Nora Carpenter, a character who dies in an elevator sometime after surviving a car crash.

One TV show Boyd was in was Falcon Beach. She played the part of Darlene Shedden, who is a recurring character. Darlene is a local hairdresser and the mother of fashion model Tanya. Boyd also landed a major role in a series titled Republic of Doyle. She portrayed Mal’s wife, Rose, who works as an office manager at the company Doyle and Doyle.

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