‘Virgin River’: Jack and Brady Could Reconcile in Season 5

Netflix‘s Virgin River centers on the romance between Mel Monroe (Alexandra Breckenridge) and Jack Sheridan (Martin Henderson). Though much of the show is about their relationship, brotherhood is a major theme of the series.

In the first couple of seasons of Virgin River, we watched Jack’s friendship with his fellow former Marine Brady (Ben Hollingsworth) crash and burn. Now, Hollingsworth is hoping that season 5 will bring forth some reconciliation.

Martin Henderson as Jack Sheridan and Benjamin Hollingsworth as Dan Brady talking at a construction site 'Virgin River
Martin Henderson as Jack Sheridan, Benjamin Hollingsworth as Dan Brady ‘Virgin River’ | Netflix

‘Virgin River’ Season 5 will be one of the best yet

Fans are still reeling from that sensational season 4 ending, but Henderson is already looking ahead to season 5.

Season 5 will address all these topics and more. In fact, Henderson says it’s the best season yet. “Season five’s great, by the way. It’s the best season yet. I’m amazing in it,” he told Glamour.

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Jack and Brady could reconcile in season 5

Now that Mel and Jack are in a really good place, even amid Charmaine’s (Lauren Hammersley) bombshell revelation about the twins’ paternity, fans are hoping that Brady and Jack will reconcile. After all, the men were once very close.

Now that Jack is aware that Brady didn’t try to kill him, there may be room for the pair to mend their friendship.

“It would be great to see him have a reconciliation with Jack,” Hollingsworth told TV Line of his character. “I think it’s long overdue. I would also love to see him reintegrate himself into the community of Virgin River and to depart from living on the fringe of the town and being kind of an outsider, to see him show up more at the community events. We started to see that when he showed up at the wedding.”

‘Virgin River’ Season 5 is currently filming

Virgin River Season 5 began filming in Vancouver in July 2022. What’s On Netflix is reporting that filming will conclude around November 2022, just before the holiday season. The forthcoming season will bring forth numerous changes, including a new showrunner. Greek creator Patrick Sean Smith has stepped in for Sue Tenney, who ran the show for the first four seasons.

“Sue had moved on to other projects, and I’d worked with Netflix on Dolly Parton’s Heartstrings so we had a pre-existing relationship,” Smith told TV Line. “I was already a fan, and I was super excited when they came to me with the possibility. The cast cares so much about the show and the fans, and they want to put on the best show possible. I think they’ve done that for the past four seasons, so it just makes it easier for me to pick up the ball and keep running into season 5 and beyond. There is a lot going on, and it took me a while to get my head around what [the characters have] all been through, where they’re heading and where I’d like them to go. I wanted it to be as seamless as possible.”

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