‘Virgin River’: Jack and Hope Will Reconnect in Season 5

Virgin River is one of the most-watched shows on Netflix. The drama series centers on the people and events of a small town. Mel Monroe (Alexandra Breckenridge) and her now-fiancé Jack Sheridan (Martin Henderson) are expecting their first child together.

 Hope (Annette O’Toole), the town’s mayor is also a staple character. Following a neat-fatal accident, she is trying to get back on her feet. In season 5 we may even see her rekindle her motherly connection to Jack.

Annette O'Toole as Hope McCrea smiles in 'Virgin River'
Annette O’Toole as Hope McCrea of in ‘Virgin River’ | Netflix

Hope will go through a major transformation in ‘Virgin River’ Season 5

Nosey and brutally honest, Hope has been a character we love to hate since Virgin River Season 1. Though she was mostly absent from season 3, she has returned with a vengeance. However, she is set to go through a major transformation in season 5

“I would like to see her — and I believe this is going to happen — be more of a mayor, be more involved in her work,” O’Toole told The List. “We see her walking around, showing up, and she can go anywhere.”

O’Toole said she also hoped that her character would start leaning more into the politics of the town.

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Jack and Hope will reconnect in season 5

As fans know, Jack and Hope were once extremely close. However, the meddling mayor destroyed their relationship in season 1. If you recall, Charmaine (Lauren Hammersley) gave Hope a private letter for Jack to read about her pregnancy. Instead of simply handing the letter off as she was asked, Hope read the private note.

Since then, Jack has distanced himself from her. Thankfully, all of that is going to change. New showrunner Patrick Sean Smith has a plan for more characters to come together.

“We’re just shooting the first two episodes now . . .  I hope [Season 5] comes out next year,” Smith told Salon. He added,

I don’t know when. I couldn’t speculate, but what I’m really excited to do — and I think I have the gift of perspective, being the outside guy who’s watched the first four seasons — one of the things I wanted to do when I came in was start to see characters that I haven’t seen interact in a long time, like Jack and Hope. They had a really big storyline out of Season 1 and into Season 2, which I thought spoke well of their relationship. It creates so many questions for me as to how they came into each other’s lives and what role do they play in each other’s lives? I feel like we haven’t seen that in a while. I’m hoping that Season 5 will feel like the previous seasons, but with new ways into the characters you already know about.

‘Virgin River’ Season 5 will open where season 4 ended

However, Jack and Hope reconnect, we think it’s going to be a gradual rebuilding of trust. After all, Jack ousted Hope from his life back in season 1. Though we’re sure he’s thrilled she is recovery from her accident, there won’t be a time jump for the duo to fix their issues off camera.

Virgin River Season 5 will open where season 4 closed.  “It starts the next morning,” Breckenridge told Glamour. “So it’s like no time has passed.”

We’re just hoping that Hope is able to become a relaxed character.

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