‘Virgin River’ Season 3: Where Is Paige?

The Netflix romantic drama Virgin River has left many people intrigued. They get to watch the main character start a new life in a small town and form an intense relationship with a broody vet. Fans became invested in the plot, and many have wondered who shot Jack in season 2. However, the recent slate of episodes left fans with another question: Where did single mom Paige go on Virgin River? She has appeared several times in the past, but she is strangely absent in season 3. 

Paige is a supporting character in ‘Virgin River’

Lexa Doig, who plays Paige on 'Virgin River.'
Lexa Doig, who plays Paige on ‘Virgin River.’ | Amanda Edwards/WireImage

Virgin River first premiered on Netflix in 2019, and it has three seasons so far. The series is an adaptation of Robyn Carr’s novels of the same name. One of the changes is that the show is more family-friendly — still, fans feel like the adaptation captures Melinda’s life decently. Melinda answers an ad to work as a midwife in the town of Virgin River, Calif. She hopes to have a fresh start, but her new life is not what she expected it to be. One of the residents Melinda meets is Paige Lassiter. 

Paige is the owner of a baker truck called Paige’s Bakeaway. Actor Lexa Doig portrays the recurring local entrepreneur. The character moved to Virgin River with her son for a fresh start, similar to Melinda. Other residents regard her as someone with a warm smile and plenty of secrets. Not much is known about Paige before she moved to the small town. She tends to keep her distance from other townsfolk. However, she has shared information with bartender Preacher. 

Why was Paige absent in season 3 of ‘Virgin River’?

While Paige is only a recurring character, fans still noticed her lack of appearance. In season 3, viewers barely saw the local baker around town. Instead, Preacher is the one taking care of her son, Christopher. It would seem that he replaced Paige as a parental figure this past season. 

Here’s the scoop: Paige is actually on the run after the death of her ex-husband, Wes, according to Country Living. As it turns out, she moved to town to escape a toxic marriage; Paige even changed her name to avoid getting discovered. Despite her efforts to prevent a paper trail, Wes finds her and Christopher. During a fight, Paige accidentally kills him by pushing him down some stairs. With the help of Preacher, she hides Wes’ body. Paige and her son leave town, but the kid ends up in Preacher’s care. 

At the end of season 3, Paige is still hiding her whereabouts. However, viewers fear for her son’s fate based on the cliffhanger. 

Will fans see Paige again in season 4?

Season 3 left fans with several questions, especially about Paige’s future. Luckily, Virgin River will return for more episodes, and the expected release date is sometime in 2022. The news confirmed that many of the cast members are going to return. So will viewers ever see Paige again? 

As of right now, it is unknown if Doig will come back for season 4. The actress only has credits for the first two seasons, and she has not made an announcement yet. More information may get revealed when filming comes to an end. Meanwhile, fans will have to wait and hope to see the conclusion of Paige’s story arc. 

Many people want her to come back. Several fans enjoy seeing Paige and Preacher together and desire for reunion. Maybe the two can be a family unit with Christopher. Hopefully, the show will tie up some loose ends in season 4.

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