‘Virgin River’ Season 4: Did Mike Shoot Jack?

Virgin River has been making a lot of noise on Netflix since its premiere in 2019. The drama is intense and captivating, and there’s just something about the little old town that viewers can’t get enough of. This is especially true for the viewers who read the Robyn Carr books before the Netflix series

Jack’s shooting, in particular, has us all waiting for the shoe to drop. Sure, they may have ‘found’ the shooter in the season 3 finale, but many fans are certain that’s just what they want us to think — not what actually happened. Marco Grazzini’s response isn’t helping to squash the rumors, either.

Jack’s shooting in season 2 has fans divided

Smiling Jack (Martin Henderson) wearing a blue shirt in 'Virgin River' Season 3
Martin Henderson as Jack Sheriden in ‘Virgin River.’ Who shot Jack? | Netflix

It’s no secret that Virgin River has no shortage of drama throughout the series, but not much of it compares to the shock of watching Jack get shot in his bar, bleeding out on the floor in season 2’s finale. Fortunately, it didn’t end here, and we got to see Mel find him and rush to get him the medical help that he needed.

But the image remains stuck in our brains, and the question of who shot him plays on repeat.

Martin Henderson (the actor that plays Jack) reassured fans in an interview with ET that “Monroe is an amazing nurse practitioner, so he’s in good hands. He’s off to a good start there. If you want to be shot, you’re pretty [lucky] for your love interest to be a nurse, so he’s off to a good start. But anything can happen on Virgin River.”

Skip forward to the third season’s finale, where ‘the culprit’ has been found, and fans find themselves uncertain about what seems to be happening versus what really happened. 

Marco Grazzini responded to fan theories that Mike is the shooter

According to Express, a fan account took to Instagram to question whether Brady was actually the shooter, adding they think a plot twist is heading our way that Mike is the shooter instead. The screenshot of Brady and Mike’s bar fight was captioned, “I think Mike is the shooter, not Brady.”

Ben Hollingsworth (the actor that plays Brady) caught wind of the fan account and shared it to his story with Grazzini (the actor that plays Mike) tagged in it for his thoughts on the theory. 

“So, possibly the shooter and possibly the baby daddy?” Grazzini responded. “Mike’s the best, best friend you could ask for 🤣.”

His reply has since added fuel to another fiery fan theory on whether Grazzini is the actual father of Charmaine’s twins— not Jack. Either way, it looks like we are in for quite the treat in season 4 of Virgin River.

The investigation went into season 3… and might make it into season 4

Heading into season 3, we get some new characters and drama, but who could honestly pay attention to anything other than Jack’s shooting case and their biggest suspect. 

Dan Brady already has a bad history with stealing and Calvin — and we can’t dismiss that he admitted he argued with Jack before the shooting. The evidence just kept stacking up and pointing in his direction.

In the end, the gun that was used in Jack’s attack was found in Brady’s car, leading to his official arrest. The character pleads his case and stands firm on being innocent — but who knows, this is Virgin River after all.

Nothing is ever as it seems, so it’s still up in the air on whether it was actually Brady or if it was Mike who was, in fact, the shooter.

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