‘Virgin River’: A Ton of Season 5 Clues Are Hidden in Season 4

Netflix‘s Virgin River has taken the television world by storm. The drama series is based on the romantic book series written by Robyn Carr. Virgin River follows the life of Mel Monroe (Alexandra Breckenridge), who moves to the small town, and falls for Jack Sheridan (Martin Henderson), a retired Marine who owns the town’s bar.

Virgin River Season 5 is currently in production. Though Netflix keeps storylines, release dates, and everything else under wraps, a ton of season 5 clues are already hidden within season 4.

Martin Henderson as Jack Sheridan proposing to Alexandra Breckenridge as Mel Monroe in 'Virgin River'
Martin Henderson as Jack Sheridan and Alexandra Breckenridge as Mel Monroe ‘Virgin River’ | Netflix

‘Virgin River’ Season 5 has a brand new villain

The cast and crew of Virgin River are currently hard at work filming season 5 of the series. With new showrunner Patrick Sean Smith at the helm, the series has a lot of questions to answer. With a massive global audience, Virgin River constantly expands. In fact, season 5 will introduce a brand new villain.

During Season 4, we met Melissa (played by Barbara Pollard), the sister of Nick (Keith MacKechnie). From what we understand, Melissa controls her family’s trust. She has also taken over drug kingpin Calvin’s (David Cubitt) business and threatened Brady (Ben Hollingsworth). Breckenridge is already warning fans to be wary of the character.

“Nick and Melissa getting involved in this glamping business may or may not become problematic for Jack,” Breckenridge told TV Line. “I’m not sure what her intention is yet, [but] she obviously doesn’t have good intentions. I’m not entirely clear if Nick is oblivious to what Melissa does or if he knows. He seems like such a kind guy. I definitely don’t think his wife has a damn clue. She would probably have told the entire town by now.”

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Season 5 clues are hidden within season 4

We already know that Melissa is going to be a problem and that the series will have to address Charmaine’s (Lauren Hammersley) jaw-dropping paternity revelation. However, there is a slew of clues about season 5 hidden within the episodes of season 4.

“Season 5 is going to continue to stay true to what fans have loved about the show from the beginning; it feels like a community that we all belong to and that we’re all a part of; it’s very comforting, it gives you hope, and I think all of that is stuff that people can’t get enough of these days,” Netflix’s Head of Drama Jinny Howe told Deadline. “I think what’s going to be interesting is to see this universe continue to grow and expand and to see new characters, other characters return. A lot of that was set up in the Season 4 finale but it’s going to be really exciting to see all of that come to a head in Season 5. And some of the soap that’s going to come out of these new complex tensions and triangles.”

‘Virgin River’ Season 5 is the biggest yet

Like season 4, Virgin River’s fifth season will have 12 episodes. But that’s not the only reason it’s going to be the biggest season yet. The new season will champion diversity and inclusion, have a handful of new characters and have some seriously twisty storylines.

“I think it’s bigger and better than any of the seasons we’ve done yet,” Hollingsworth told TV Line. “We’re doing some really ambitious stuff that you’ve never seen on Virgin River before. There’s a really big episode for Brady that’s gonna be a lot of fun for me to play. I imagine there’s gonna be some friction between Mike and Brady as it seems like Brie and Mike have become closer and closer. I would expect there’s gonna be some sort of reconciliation possibly between Jack and Brady now that he’s exonerated, but you’ll have to wait and see.”

We just hope to see Mel and Jack finally walk down the aisle.

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