‘Virgin River’: Season 5 Will Be ‘Louder’

Netflix‘s Virgin River Season 5 is currently being filmed in Vancouver. The series follows Mel Monroe (Alexandra Breckenridge), who moves to town from Los Angeles to reset her life. The nurse/midwife falls for Jack Sheridan (Martin Henderson), a retired Marine who owns the town’s bar.

Virgin River Season 5 won’t premiere until next year, but we already know that this season is going to be “louder.”

Alexandra Breckenridge as Mel Monroe smiling on 'Virgin River' | Netflix
Alexandra Breckenridge as Mel Monroe ‘Virgin River’ | Netflix

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‘Virgin River’ Season 5 will be very different from what we’ve seen before

Virgin River Season 4 answered a lot of questions that fans had. We now know that Brady (Ben Hollingsworth) had nothing to do with shooting Jack. Moreover, we now know that Jack is, in fact, the father of Mel’s baby. Now that the series is very much on solid ground, it’s time for a shift.

Sue Tenney who ran the series for the first four seasons, has stepped away, and Greek creator Patrick Sean Smith has stepped up to take over.

“I think it’s bigger and better than any of the seasons we’ve done yet,” Hollingsworth, who portrays Brady, told TV Line. “We’re doing some really ambitious stuff that you’ve never seen on Virgin River before. There’s a really big episode for Brady that’s gonna be a lot of fun for me to play. I imagine there’s gonna be some friction between Mike and Brady as it seems like Brie and Mike have become closer and closer. I would expect there’s gonna be some sort of reconciliation possibly between Jack and Brady now that he’s exonerated, but you’ll have to wait and see.”

Season 5 will be louder

In addition to the season being more inclusive and diverse, it’s also going to shake things up a bit. However, Smith has promised to be loyal to the show that fans have grown to know and love.

“We get into things that will be new and exciting, but still very much feel like the same show, but are definitely taking a more exciting approach to some of the stories,” Smith said via Express U.K. A little bit louder, but not to the detriment of the comfort of the show. I want it to feel like season five will be next-level.”

Mel and Jack probably wound get married in ‘Virgin River’ Season 5

Though they seem to be in a good place and are engaged and ready to welcome a baby girl, we likely won’t see Mel and Jack walk down the aisle in season 5. Not only will they need to deal with the fallout of Charmaine’s (Lauren Hammersley) paternity revelation, but Jack’s ex-wife Mandy will also likely make an appearance.

“There are a lot of great Easter eggs and breadcrumbs that have been left, and we are clocking all of them thoughtfully,” Smith told Glamour. “I would say, check out season five and see if Mandy makes an appearance.”

Smith also said he wants to savor Mel and Jack’s engagement without rushing them toward a wedding.

“Mel and Jack are such an epic couple that you really want to savor things as much as you can,” he told TV Line. “We don’t want things to ever feel like they’re stalled, but we also want to enjoy [their engagement] while we can. So we’re moving at that pace with all of the things they have ahead of them, anticipating [a wedding] down the road.”

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