‘Virgin River’: Will Connie Die in Season 4?

Connie (Nicola Cavendish) has played a central role in Netflix’s Virgin River since the beginning. The town’s general store owner has always been at the center of things. However, her involvement with Paige Lassiter (Lexa Doig), the town’s baker, the town’s chef, Preacher (Colin Lawrence), and Paige’s son, Christopher (Chase Petriw), might have been a lot more than she bargained for.

As we now know, Paige comes to Virgin River, opening her bakery truck after running away from her abusive husband, Wes (Steve Bacic). When Wes tracks her down in season 2, she accidentally kills him, leaving Preacher to clean up the body. She then flees town leaving Christopher in Preacher’s care.

Unable to care for the rambunctious young boy alone, Preacher begrudgingly allows Connie to help, letting her in on Paige’s secrets, but all of this has seemingly caught up with them.

Nicola Cavendish scowls as Connie on 'Virgin River'
Nicola Cavendish as Connie on ‘Virgin River’ | Netflix

What happens to Connie in ‘Virgin River’ Season 3?

Connie has truly stepped up to the plate in Paige’s absence. She’s taken over running Paige’s bakery and through Preacher was resistant at first, she has also been pivotal in helping him care for Christopher while Paige has been in hiding. In fact, besides Preacher, she is the only one who knows why Paige had left town suddenly and the truth behind her past.

Things seem to be going well for Connie until the Virgin River Season 3 finale. Upon returning to Preacher’s house with Christopher, she and the young boy encounter a menacing Vince (Steve Bacic), Wes’ twin brother waiting for them in the dark. Now, Virgin River fans are fearful that this is the last we’ll see of Connie.

Will Connie die in ‘Virgin River’ Season 4?

As we know, Vince is convinced Paige has something to do with his twin brother’s disappearance and he’s been sniffing around ever since. Now that he’s enticed Sally (Jana Benoit) to lure Preacher away from Connie and Christopher, the older woman and young boy are left unprotected.

The last we saw of Connie and Christopher was of Vince moving toward them in the darkness. Like his brother, Vince doesn’t appear to have any qualms about being violent, and giving her stature and age it’s unlikely that Connie will be able to put up much of a fight against him.

However, since Virgin River already gave us the tragic storyline of Lilly’s (Lynda Boyd) death in the third season, we doubt the writers would take Connie away as well. Plus as we’ve seen, she’s much more resourceful than you would expect.


‘Virgin River’: Fans Are Convinced Paige Is Already Dead

Will Paige return in ‘Virgin River’ Season 4?

If something happens to Connie or Preacher, we’re certain that it will lure Paige out of hiding, presuming that she’s still alive. With Preacher subdued and Connie and Christopher pretty defenseless, she’s going to come out swinging if she wants to get her son back and regain the life that she’s built in Virgin River.

Virgin River showrunner Sue Tenney has revealed that all will be revealed when Virgin River returns for its fourth season. She hinted to TV Insider that what is uncovered next is  “a surprise for Preacher, so it should be a surprise for the audience. Who [Sally’s] working for would be revealed in the next season.”

Rumor has it that Virgin River Season 4 is currently filming which means that new episodes could be on the horizon by mid-2022.