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Virgin River Season 4 was an absolute thrill to watch. Despite some hiccups, Jack (Martin Henderson) and Mel (Alexandra Breckenridge) grew much closer. Now, the couple is engaged and expecting their first child together. Moreover, Charmaine (Lauren Hammersley) revealed a major bombshell that will change everything.

Though things are progressing, Zibby Allen, who portrays Jack’s sister Brie in the series, says a time jump will be needed on the show very soon.

Zibby Allen wearing a men's shirt as Brie in 'Virgin River'
Zibby Allen as Brie in ‘Virgin River’ | Netflix

‘Virgin River’ has a very strange timeline

While fans adore Virgin River, time has moved at a strange pace since season 1. Fans have always been miffed that Charmaine, who has been pregnant since season 1 with twins, only began showing in season 4. Now, Mel is pregnant and fans fear the same pace for her pregnancy.

Thankfully, Breckenridge unpacked the show’s peculiar timeline, clearing things for fans once and for all.

“Things move slowly in Virgin River,” she told Glamour. “I think Mel’s only been in Virgin River for maybe four months,” Breckenridge guesses. “It’s a hundred and some odd days; there’s a chart for it. She’s only nine weeks pregnant at this point, and Charmaine is like five months, apparently.”

Zibby Allen says a time jump will be needed soon

Since time is apparently crawling on Virgin River, Allen says a time jump in the near future is going to be an absolute necessity. She even explained that the cast often jokes about the pacing of the show.

“I’m like, ‘You guys, eventually, you’re gonna have to do a time jump because we’re just aging way too fast for a five-month span,'” she told TODAY.  “But yeah, I think that the pregnancy thing was one of the first sort of tells because even I, when I was watching the show before I was on, was like, ‘Oh, this covers way more time in the story.’ And it really doesn’t.”


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‘Virgin River’ Season 5 picks up right after season 4

Though a time jump is inevitable if we want to see Mel through her pregnancy and the birth of her and Jack’s baby girl, it’s not coming anytime soon. Typically, there are a couple of weeks’ time jump between Virgin River seasons. However, that won’t be the case when season 5 opens.

Greek creator Patrick Sean Smith took over for Sue Tenney as the showrunner. “Sue had moved on to other projects, and I’d worked with Netflix on Dolly Parton’s Heartstrings, so we had a pre-existing relationship,” he told TV Line.

Smith also says season 5 of the show will open the night after Charmaine’s shocking revelation about the paternity of her twins. Virgin River “picks up right after season 4. There’s no time jump between four and five,” he said.