‘The Walking Dead’ Season 11: Who Is Laurie Fortier? Plus, What You Should Know About Her Character Agatha

The last season of The Walking Dead is upon us. We’ll have our farewells with Darryl and Carol, Eugene, Gabriel, Negan, Michonne, and everyone else who has shared their strength, courage, and fortitude with us.  In the upcoming adventures, we’ll again meet new characters (in this case, eight) that, if history says anything, will leave lasting impressions on us, as did Glen, The Governor, Alpha and Beta, Herschel, and too many others to name here. One upcoming new character that has our interest is Agatha, played by actor Laurie Fortier. Who is she? How will she impact the TWD we love so? And who is the actor?

[Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers from The Walking Dead Season 11.]

Agatha: Where She’s Coming From

Laurie Fortier at Netflix's 'House Of Cards' Q&A event at the Leonard H. Goldenson Theatre in North Hollywood, California
Laurie Fortier at ‘House Of Cards’ Q&A event | Imeh Akpanudosen/Getty Images

New characters on The Walking Dead are enigmatic and shadowy. They have mostly no history at all. To begin with, that is. Agatha has the mystery with a link to one of the show’s beloved characters. It gives Agatha an excellent background in the TWD legacy.

Agatha will be a part of the recently-returned Maggie’s past. Maggie shared time with Agatha at Alexandria. Agatha was a member of the Wardens who lost their village at the hands of the Reapers.

Agatha: Where She’s Going

Agatha will enter The Walking Dead universe with the new season’s first episode, “Acheron.” Maggie returns to Alexandria and finds Agatha, as well as new characters Duncan and Frost, two other survivors from the Reapers attack. The trio offers to join Maggie on a mission to find food and water. (For a little extra tension, Negan will be joining Maggie’s team, and who doesn’t want Maggie and Negan traversing the apocalypse?)

Besides supplies, a major part of the venture will be to take out the Reapers. However, a snowstorm focuses the group on taking darkened subway tunnels. Not surprisingly, our heroes run into a horde of walkers. In no time, two of the group go missing, along with the supplies and ammo. The attack forces the group to move on without searching for their missing friends.

Beyond the storyline with Agatha, Maggie, and Negan, the final season of TWD will also introduce the Commonwealth, a group that appears in almost 20 issues of the comic. The Commonwealth is a network of communities of 50 thousand survivors.

Agatha: So Who’s Laurie Fortier?

Laurie Fortier is only signed to appear in three episodes of The Walking Dead and gets credit for a fourth even though her character won’t be in it.

IMDb shows Fortier has over two decades in acting. She’s worked with Michelle Pfeiffer, James Caan, James Gandolfini, Dennis Hopper, Danny Aiello, Martin Landau, Hugh Laurie, and many others. Fortier’s acting career began in 1993 when she played Holiday Friedman on Running the Halls. From there, she made appearances on Boy Meets World, Sliders, Chicago Hope, House, Castle, The Neighborhood, and more. She’s also appeared in all three CSI series (Vegas, Miami, and New York).

Her portfolio includes playing athletes, victims, cops, the girl next door, maniacs, and even men! Fortier is a staple in Lifetime movies with titles like In Bed With a Killer and My Mom’s Darkest Secrets. She starred with Pfeiffer, Claire Danes, and Peter Gallagher in To Gillian on Her 37th Birthday and in the Warner Bros. film The In Crowd.

Fortier is married to director, former actor, and nephew of legendary director Robert Altman, Deran Sarafian. The union began in 2000. The duo has two children.


We have no idea how the series will end. Beyond the introduction of Laurie Fortier’s Agatha and others, we know some characters will be left standing. There’s been buzz of a spinoff for Darryl and Carol, as well as a possible show for Maggie.

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