‘Walking Dead’ Star Jeffrey Dean Morgan Regrets He Never Got To Film This Negan Scene From the Comics

Jeffrey Dean Morgan joined the cast of The Walking Dead as the villain, Negan, in season 6. Now it’s season 10 and Negan is still among the survivors of the zombie apocalypse. Four seasons have taken him a long way, but the show skipped over one scene in the comics that Morgan really wishes he’d gotten to film.

[Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers for The Walking Dead through season 10.]

Walking Dead Negan
Jeffrey Dean Morgan | Jace Downs/AMC

The heroes of The Walking Dead did persevere against Negan, and now Negan has reformed and joined their side. Morgan was on the San Diego Comic-Con@Home panel for The Walking Dead on July 24. He shared the one scene from the comics he missed.

Lucille was a big part of Negan’s character when he appeared on ‘The Walking Dead’

Negan showed up swinging Lucille, a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire. Morgan recreated comic book panels with Negan and Lucille. A fan asked if he’d like his weapon back.

Negan in Season 6
Jeffrey Dean Morgan | Gene Page/AMC

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“I think it would be great to get Lucille back,” Morgan said. “We may have moved past that at this point. I tend to forget how many years have actually passed since we’ve last seen Lucille. In our world it’s only been a couple seasons but in The Walking Dead world we’re looking at a decade, damn near. So he may have moved past the Lucille of it all a little bit, but we’ll see. I sure wouldn’t be scared to see her again and hold her again.”

The comic book scene ‘The Walking Dead’ skipped

Morgan lamented that the Walking Dead comics had a scene depicting Negan losing Lucille. That scene never made it into the show. 

Walking Dead: Jeffrey Dean Morgan
Jeffrey Dean Morgan | Jace Downs/AMC

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“In the comic book, when he loses Lucille, I miss that scene,” Morgan said. “We never got to do that scene and I always loved it. Lucille represents so much to him, beyond a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire. I always loved that, but we’ve moved so far away from that at this point. We’ll see what [showrunner] Angela [Kang], [writer/producer] Scott [Gimple] and the gang come up with.”

Maggie’s return could be tough on Negan

Lauren Cohan is returning to The Walking Dead for season 11. That could create some conflict, since Negan killed Maggie (Cohan)’s husband, Glenn (Steven Yeun). Maggie will be back with their son, Herschel. Morgan expects to hash things out with young Herschel.

“Negan deinitely has a soft spot for the younger generation and we’ve seen it numerous times,” Morgan said. “I don’t think he would shy away from letting this kid know who he is and try to work through it. I’m not a writer on the show but that may be a way that Maggie sees a different side of Negan as well.”

Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Cassady McClincy
Cassady McClincy and Jeffrey Dean Morgan | Jace Downs/AMC

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Cohan left The Walking Dead midway through season 9. She’s only been gone for a year and a half, longer in zombie apocalypse time, but Negan has changed a lot.

“I think initially she’ll just want to kill him, but we’ll see what hapepns,” Morgan said. ‘Negan’s gone through such a journey in the last couple years. It’s been such a joy to play but this redemption arc has been amazing. And yet, we still know that in there is Negan. I don’t know that that will ever go away He’s going to be walking a fine line, especially with Maggie.”