‘WandaVision’: Did Elizabeth Olsen’s ‘Too Dark’ MCU Theory Actually Come True?

Every episode of WandaVision unlocks some new secrets that seem important to the ongoing Marvel Cinematic Universe.

While it’s still a mystery what’s really going on in the show, fans are continuing to come up with theories as to what’s actually happening. In a press junket, Elizabeth Olsen speculated on a story from the comics she’d love to see adapted. Olsen quickly said she didn’t think it could happen.

So what is her theory, and why could she be wrong in thinking that it was “too dark” to be a distinct possibility? 

What’s going on in ‘WandaVision’ so far?

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It’s unclear exactly what’s happening in WandaVision thus far, and Marvel fans are taking every opportunity they can to concoct theories and speculate on what’s really going down. Here’s what we know right now: 

  • Wanda is (seemingly) controlling the residents of Westview against their will. 
  • She’s created some kind of portal/barrier that alters a person’s molecules when they pass through it. As soon as you enter, you immediately acclimate to the reality (and time period) Wanda is recreating. 
  • Vision is becoming self-aware that something is amiss, even if he has yet to figure out what’s going on. 
  • Vision has no memory of his time before Westview, even showing confusion when he heard talk of the Avengers. 
  • Another version of Wanda’s brother Pietro (aka Quicksilver) showed up as the kids’ “cool uncle.” He seems to know something is amiss and that Wanda is the one creating this new reality.
  • Wanda has had two children who are (seemingly) real. 

Plenty of fans think there may be another villain ready to emerge, and that Wanda isn’t the villain of the show. 

What is the House of M? 

Elizabeth Olsen
Elizabeth Olsen | Gary Gershoff/Getty Images

The House of M is a storyline from Marvel Comics with an unlikely antagonist: none other than Wanda herself. According to the Marvel website, both the X-Men and the Avengers have to join forces in order to stop the very powerful Wanda. 

Also figuring into the story in a major way was Wanda’s father from the comics: Magneto. In the pages of the comics, Wanda’s a mutant. The MCU was unable to call her this due to the rights for all X-Men and mutant related content previously belonging to Fox. That’s no longer an issue. 

The story was critically acclaimed for taking someone typically portrayed as a hero – Wanda – and turning her into a villain. Throughout the entire arc, however, she remains relatable and her actions are somewhat justifiable.

Some elements of the story bring to mind a current Wanda-related series that features her in a much different light than Marvel fans are used to seeing her in. 

Elizabeth Olsen’s theory that may come true

A Reddit thread discussing one theory for the plot of WandaVision emerged. In it, the original poster posted a video of Olsen at a press junket speculating on future Wanda Maximoff storylines. She then says she’d love to see the “House of M” storyline, but says it’s probably “too dark.” 

But what if it’s actually true? Sure, WandaVision doesn’t line up exactly with what happened in the comics so far. But neither did Infinity War, which made plenty of changes to make that story work on a cinematic level. This story has two of Wanda’s children and could very much be the MCU take on the House of M. Some adjustments may need to be made, but it could still work. 

It appears as though Olsen’s idea that this storyline was “too dark” may be false. It may be exactly where Marvel is headed with this spellbinding series. Fans will have to tune into the final few episodes to see if it truly is an update to a classic story from the comics.