‘WandaVision’ Fans Disappointed the Show’s Side Characters ‘Suffered’ from Reworked Script

Marvel’s experiment to move some of its characters from the big screen to smaller screens with its collection of Disney+ web series has been successful so far.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier resonated with fans and with Loki on the horizon, things are looking good for the MCU’s smaller projects. WandaVision also garnered plenty of fan interest.  While some fans loved the show, others had issues with it. One of the criticisms surrounded the way the show dealt with some of their side characters. 

‘WandaVision’ was the first Marvel Disney+ series

The cast and crew of WandaVision
The cast and crew of WandaVision | Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Disney

While the MCU’s move to streaming is now well underway, WandaVision represented the company’s first foray into the digital space. Some people liked it and others didn’t, but it’s safe to say that it attracted plenty of attention. WandaVision told the continuing story of Wanda Maximoff and Vision, two characters who had fallen in love during the Avengers films before Vison’s untimely demise. 

Unlike the other Disney+ Marvel series, however, WandaVision had a slightly different format. The first several episodes resembled classic sitcoms from earlier eras of TV. The first episode was a takeoff on The Dick Van Dyke Show, while other shows like Bewitched, The Brady Bunch, and Malcolm in the Middle were given homages. 

This gave way to a more traditional Marvel format eventually, but not before taking viewers on a trippy ride. 

The plot of ‘WandaVision’ was hard to predict

There was rampant speculation online about what was going to happen on WandaVision. Most viewers knew that all was not as it seemed during the early going. It was apparent that the universe the duo was living in was amiss. It’s revealed on the show that in her grief over the loss of Vision, Wanda has created an alternate reality and enslaved people living in a New Jersey town to act as part of the community they live in. 

Wanda’s friend and neighbor Agnes reveals herself as the witch Agatha Harkness, who has also had a hand in creating this skewed reality. After SWORD operatives attempt to take her down, Wanda and her family defeat both them and Agatha with the assistance of Monica Rambeau, Jimmy Woo, and Darcy Lewis. 

Why WandaVision fans were disappointed with the way side characters “suffered” from a reworked script

WandaVision was popular with some fans but less so with others. It drew plenty of criticism for its peculiar format and failure to deliver some of the surprise cameos some fans expected like Magneto and Mephisto. While it may have been unrealistic for fans to expect these characters to make their first appearance in the MCU, other fans didn’t like the way the show treated some of the side characters that actually did appear in the show. 

Fans on Reddit discussed some of the cuts made to the show’s rumored original, with one viewer noting: 

“Yeah, the supporting characters in wandavision were the ones who suffered the most from the cuts of the original script.” 

Is this true? According to Screen Rant, yes. They reported that head writer Jac Schaeffer said an original version of the script featured more of Kat Dennings’ Darcy: 

“In earlier drafts, there was more of Darcy before she gets to the hex. And as the project coalesced, it made more sense to keep everything base-centric, except for S.W.O.R.D. headquarters. So we lost some of that other stuff.”

It’s interesting to think of what could have been, but fans can only speculate and enjoy what they did get. 

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