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The WandaVision finale revealed the true identity of Evan Peters’ character. As it turns out, his name is Ralph Bohner. And his presence in the Marvel Cinematic Universe has fans wondering if Ralph Bohner is a character from Marvel Comics.

[Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers for the WandaVision, episode 9.]

Evan Peters in 'WandaVision'
Evan Peters in ‘WandaVision’ | Marvel Studios/Disney+

How ‘WandaVision’ reveals Evan Peters’ as Ralph Bohner 

In the series finale of WandaVision, Monica (Teyonah Parris) is trapped inside Agatha’s (Kathryn Hahn) house while Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen) dukes it out with the ancient witch. When she tries to leave the house to help Wanda, the fake Pietro (Evan Peters) stops her. It seems he still has the powers of Quicksilver, plus a few more.

Monica starts snooping around his room and finds a utility bill and a headshot with his name, Ralph Bohner. She realizes that Ralph, who Agatha had mentioned as her husband this whole time, is being controlled by the witch. 

Using her new powers, Monica discovers that Ralph’s beaded necklace was enchanted by Agatha, giving him powers and making him do her bidding. When Monica removes the necklace, Ralph comes back to his senses. 

“Oh God, please spare my life!” he says, terrified of Monica. “Nice to meet you, Ralph,” she replies.

Evan Peters didn’t turn out to be who ‘WandaVison’ fans expected

Ever since Evan Peters was cast in WandaVision, fans have been speculating who his character would be. Many believed that because he played Pietro Maximoff, aka Quicksilver, in two X-Men movies, Deadpool 2, and Dark Phoenix, he would return as the character in the MCU. He did end up playing a fake version of Pietro. And for fans, that in itself felt like a fun, cheeky surprise. 

Others were convinced that Peters would turn out to be Wanda’s comic book nemesis, Mephisto in disguise. Some fan theories pointed out that Mephisto was partially responsible for creating Wanda’s kids in the comics. She drew on the hellish demon’s powers and gave life to her children using fragments of his soul. But unfortunately, Peters didn’t turn out to be the epic villain fans were hoping for. 

Is Evan Peters’ ‘WandaVision’ character Ralph Bohner in Marvel Comics?


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Peters’ WandaVision character was not revealed as a major hero or villain, leaving fans questioning his existence in the comics. But as it turns out, Ralph Bohner is not a Marvel character at all. 

He seems to be a regular Westview resident, created just for the show. And neither of the post-credits scenes hint otherwise.

But, if Kevin Feige has further plans for Peters, you never know. He could show up as Mephisto or Quicksilver in a future MCU project.