WandaVision’: Paul Bettany’s Upcoming Projects Could Point to Vision’s Fate

When Robert Downey Jr. said farewell to the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the finale of Avengers: Endgame, it marked a shift in the universe’s tone.

The universe, both on-screen and behind the scenes, would never be the same. However, while many might presume that Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury is the longest-tenured member, Paul Bettany technically has the title thanks to his earlier role in 2008’s Iron Man. 

However, with Wanda/Vision set to premiere, Bettany’s time may soon be coming to a close. 

Bettany’s Marvel journey

Paul Bettany
Paul Bettany | Rich Polk/Getty Images for IMDb

Bettany has not-so-silently been in the MCU since the very first movie. While Nick Fury might be the first name that people think of when it comes to that first movie, Bettany provided the voice of JARVIS, the artificial intelligence system that often serves as Stark’s sidekick, of sorts, throughout his many journeys. While this voice role appeared to hold little significance to the overall plot, big things were in store. 

In Age of Ultron, however, JARVIS gave way to Vision, an android form in which Bettany got to join the group in person. While Vision never got to be a leader, his power was undeniable. However, as he took on human form, he went from an emotionless voice in Tony Stark’s head to an android experiencing human emotion for the first time. 

By the time that Civil War came along, Vision was tasked with keeping Scarlett Witch at bay while the others fought. The two formed a relationship, and by Infinity War, they were officially in love. However, that love didn’t last long as Vision was killed not once, but twice, by the evil Thanos. While Feige and company brought other MCU characters back to life, however, Vision appeared infinitely dead. 

Now, with WandaVisionfans may get an answer about what his future in the MCU is.

‘WandaVision’: Reddit chimes in

Death is a funny thing in the MCU. Many of the series’ most iconic characters have gone and risen from the grave several times. However, in the case of Vision, death seemed to be an infinite slumber until WandaVision was officially announced. Now, fans are wondering whether or not Vision is dead. 

While Bettany is inarguably playing Vision in the series, he does not appear in any of the cast lists for upcoming Marvel projects. While this isn’t necessarily a death knell for his future, many believe that the Vision of the title is more of a psychic projection by Wanda rather than a true-life resurrection.

Put succinctly, Reddit user u/singingballetbitch noted that the series would have to take potential universe-changing measures to bring Vision back in its true form. 

“Unless it’s going to be a huge reveal that she can save Vision for real, I’d bet he’s lost for good just because there haven’t been any solid rumours of Paul Bettany being in any other projects,” the Reddit user said. 

A look at Bettany’s IMDB page might confirm this. In fact, if one listens to the actor speak about his future with the MCU, he seems to confirm these notions without saying them outright. 

Paul Bettany on Vision


‘WandaVision’: Fans Still Have No Idea What the Show Is About and They’re OK With It

Bettany reflected on his time at the MCU in ways that seem like someone who knows that this chapter is behind him. Once notably uninterested in the Marvel universe, Bettany now looks over at his time fondly. An interview in Men’s Health confirmed this, noting how the universe has expanded into a notable experiment that defies genre and tone. 

“I think you can make the argument that the whole MCU has been a sort of experiment in what we think of as television, in terms of it being episodic formula, with spin-offs, and then it all interweaves,” he told the magazine.

However, as he went on, one could read his statements as a eulogy for a role he’s no longer attached to. 

“I mean, I guess you’d have to take it from when I became an Avenger, which would’ve been Age of Ultron,” Bettany told the magazine. “I don’t know that you can think of JARVIS in that way. But boy, I was in there from the jump! Wow, it’s been an amazing ride, and holy sh*t, I’ve loved every single minute of it. This show really feels like a cultivation of all of those times.”

Perhaps, Vision still lives in Wanda’s head, and while he might not be there to work with The Avengers, his presence will remain through Scarlet Witch. Whatever the case may be, Bettany might be done as an Avenger. Whether this means that he’ll pop in and out of future seasons of WandaVision or that this season is his encore, his time in the MCU has helped tell the story of the universe as a whole.