‘Wednesday’ Boasts Second-Best Streaming Week After 1 Other Netflix Show

Given the popularity of The Addams Family, it’s probably no surprise that Wednesday is raking in high viewership numbers at Netflix. Nielsen’s Top 10 streaming data reveals that the Jenna Ortega-led series had the second-best streaming week ever. The only show to draw higher viewership in the same time span is another Netflix property (and one that probably won’t come as a surprise to subscribers).

‘Wednesday’ had the second-best 1-week viewership numbers

Jenna Ortega as Wednesday Addams in 'Wednesday' for our article about the Netflix show's weekly viewership. She's playing an instrument.
Jenna Ortega in ‘Wednesday’ | Vlad Cioplea/Netflix

That’s right, Wednesday is climbing Nielsen’s Top 10 streaming list — and according to Variety, the Netflix series boasts the second-best viewership a streaming show has seen in just one week. Nielsen began tracking this measurement in 2020, so Wednesday has topped every streaming series to debut since then (with one unsurprising exception).

Per the outlet, audiences watched Tim Burton’s Addams Family project for around 6 billion minutes from Nov. 21-27. That’s an impressive feat, especially since Wednesday didn’t debut until Nov. 23. Nielsen collects this data by accounting for how many minutes a series is watched on U.S. TV screens. That means the 6 billion estimate doesn’t even include international viewership!

And as Variety notes, the data for the following weeks isn’t in yet. It’s possible Wednesday will land on Nielsen’s list of Highest Weekly Viewing Totals again. It wouldn’t be the first time a Netflix series filled multiple spots on that chart.

Only ‘Stranger Things’ reached higher weekly viewership than ‘Wednesday’

Wednesday made an impressive entrance during its first week on Netflix. Accumulating so many streaming minutes in a single week is no easy task — and the series falls just below another one of Netflix’s hit shows.

At the top of Nielsen’s list of best streaming weeks is Stranger Things, which racked up around 7.2 billion streaming minutes the week that season 4 debuted. Stranger Things Season 4 was one of Netflix’s most-anticipated releases of 2022, especially after fans waited nearly three years for new episodes. Season 4 landed on Nielsen’s Highest Weekly Viewing Totals for streaming programs multiple times this year.

If it’s lucky, Wednesday may follow in its footsteps.

‘Wednesday’ Season 2 likely to happen given the show’s impressive performance


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With Wednesday sitting on both Nielsen’s and Netflix’s Top 10, it seems inevitable that the show will be renewed for season 2. Although Netflix has yet to officially green-light more episodes, the streamer would be leaving money on the table if it didn’t continue Wednesday’s story. Per Forbes, Wednesday is Netflix’s third most-watched series after Squid Game and Stranger Things.

And Netflix’s head of scripted series, Peter Friedlander, seems optimistic about the show’s future — even if he wouldn’t offer fans anything concrete. During an interview with Vulture, Friedlander expressed his own thoughts on season 2, saying, “I’m optimistic but have nothing to say right now.”

Hopefully, we’ll hear from Netflix’s execs in a more official capacity soon. In the meantime, Wednesday will likely continue drawing viewers.

Wednesday Season 1 is currently streaming on Netflix.

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