‘Wednesday’: A Breakdown of Wednesday’s Investigation Into the Murder Mystery

There are multiple threads to the grand mystery in the Netflix series Wednesday. As Wednesday Addams (Jenna Ortega) attends Nevermore, she becomes entangled in the web of local murders, the secrets of the school, her parent’s past, and her ancestry. The investigations into the murder mystery come together to lead to one pivotal realization for Wednesday. Here is a breakdown of how the macabre teen figured it all out.

[Warning: This article contains spoilers for Wednesday.]

Jenna Ortega as Wednesday solving the murder mystery in 'Wednesday.'
Jenna Ortega as Wednesday solving the murder mystery in ‘Wednesday’ | via Netflix

‘Wednesday’ first begins to uncover the truth behind her visions of Goody Addams

Unlike previous versions of the character, Wednesday has supernatural abilities. She has visions, but hers are inclined to be dark due to her disposition. While at Nevermore, the mystery begins when another classmate tries to kill her. Why? His seer mother prophecized Wednesday would be the end of Nevermore. But she is rescued by the heinous monster killing people in Jericho.

Wednesday soon begins her hunt for answers as to why she was in the prophecy. But part of her story also leads her to an ancestor in her visions that looks exactly like her. She soon learns of a secret Nevermore society called the Nightshades from Ms. Thornhill. Using her wits, she uncovers the secret entryway and steals the original journal.

The other half of the photo shows a man. At Outreach Day, Xavier reveals the man is Joseph Crackstone, the founder of Jericho. But what does it all mean? It comes together when Wednesday sneaks into an off-limits part of the pilgrim museum and sees the same woman in a painting. She is holding a book, later revealed to be a book of spells. Coincidentally, the book was stolen a month ago.

The murder mystery in Wednesday continues when Wednesday has a vision at the old pilgrim meeting house. Her vision in Wednesday introduces her to Goody Addams. She was an outcast but survived when Crackstone burned the others. Later, another vision with Goody leads her to the Gates family.

Morticia and Gomez’s past uncovers a murder mystery with the Gates family in ‘Wednesday’

The Netflix series storyline takes a detour during parent’s day at Nevermore. As the Addams family arrives to see their daughter, she is less than enthused for a reason. Tyler had given her his father’s police record of Gomez’s past. While at therapy, she confronts them and why Gomez was accused of murdering Garrett Gates. Garrett was the son of one of Jericho’s most influential and wealthiest families. When the local coroner dies by suicide and claims his guilt over the Garrett case, Gomez is arrested.

But what does Gomez and Morticia’s past have to do with the murder mystery in Wednesday? Wednesday learns from her father that Garrett’s infatuation with Morticia became an obsession. On the night of the Rave’N dance, he appeared with murderous rage. Fighting with Gomez and near death, Gomez picked up a sword and impaled Garret, killing him. But Gomez was found not guilty.

Wednesday believes otherwise, knowing her father’s tells. Later, in the Nightshade lair, Morticia tells her the truth. She has killed Garrett to save Gomez. But to save his true love, Gomez took the blame. But a detail said by Morticia has Wednesday thinking. Digging up his grave and stealing his finger proves he was dying of nightshade poisoning. Her vision reveals Garrett’s father, an outcast hater, forces his son to sneak into Nevermore to use nightshade to kill everyone. But during the fight, the vile broke into his chest.

Knowing Garrett’s past leads Wednesday further into the murder mystery and its connection to the Gates family.

The identity of Laurel Gates is revealed

The pieces come together after convincing Enid and Tyler to sneak into the Gates mansion. She learns the Hyde is stealing certain body parts and Laurel Gates’s room has been lived in. Laurel Gates was the last of the Gates family but died at sea. Wednesday soon suspects she is alive. After also previously learning from Fester, the monster killing people is a Hyde. But the Hyde needs a master, and Laurel might be it.


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Along the way, the murder mystery leads Wednesday to suspect Xavier as the monster. Due to his multiple paintings of the monster and always being at the scene. She also suspects Dr. Kinbott, Xavier’s therapist, as the master. She turns him in to the police when she is killed.

But the truth to the murder mystery is revealed when Wednesday kisses Tyler. He is the killer Hyde, and when Eugene wakes up, he helps her learn who Laurel is. Laurel Gates is Ms. Thornhill. Wanting to finish her father’s hatred, she stole Goody’s book of spells, activated Tyler’s Hyde, and used the body parts to resurrect Crackstone.

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