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While Jenna Ortega stars in a new version of the macabre teen Wednesday Addams in Netflix‘s Wednesday, the series also stars Christina Ricci. The actor made the character a pop-culture icon in 1991 with The Addams Family and the sequel. Many fans feel Ricci’s portrayal defined Wednesday Addams. But New York Comic-Con revealed a new teaser with the first look at Ricci in her role as Marilyn Thornhill.

Christina Ricci as Marilyn Thornhill in 'Wednesday' series
Christina Ricci as Marilyn Thornhill in ‘Wednesday’ series | via Netflix

Christina Ricci appears in the ‘Wednesday’ trailer with ginger hair, glasses, and a sinister smile

Ricci’s role in the Tim Burton series has been kept secret, just like Fred Armisen’s role as Uncle Fester. But the time finally came for fans to see the actor return to the Addams Family universe, but not as her original character. The new trailer revealed at Comic-Con shows Wednesday attending Nevermore Academy and getting caught up in its secret societies, mysteries, and a heinous murder case.

As the trailer builds up intrigue, its ends with what fans have been clamoring for. As Wednesday and her roommate are biting each other’s heads off, they are interrupted. The door opens, and a woman with shoulder-length ginger hair and cat-shaped glasses enters. It is none other than Ricci in her new role for Wednesday. The character introduces herself as Ms. Thornhill.

The details about Ricci’s character are still vague, but the trailer reveals that she is bright, bubbly, and upbeat. But who is Marilyn Thornhill in Wednesday?

Marilyn Thornhill seems to be a den mother to the female students at Nevermore Academy

The Netflix series ventures into uncharted territory. It focuses on Wednesday as she is forced to attend Nevermore and tries to fit in. While fans will see familiar characters like Gomez and Morticia Addams, many new characters are at play. One of them is Marilyn Thornhill.

Ricci’s role in Wednesday remains a mystery. News outlets nor Netflix have given full backstory details about Ms. Thornhill. The character is brand new to the Addams Family universe. But the trailer depicts her as being high-spirited and welcoming. She goes in to check on Wednesday as she adjusts to her new surroundings. Fans will have to wait and see how the character plays out.

The new trailer does raise a mystery. Before Ricci’s introduction as Thornhill, fans see the back of a character’s head. The unknown figure looks at an ominous statue before raising her hand and performing the iconic Addams Family snap. The later reveal of Ricci confirms the unknown character is Thornhill.

But could the snap be a simple homage to Ricci’s past as Wednesday Addams? Or something more? There is no denying the scene itself is creepy, and despite Thornhill appearing kind, there is a mysterious glint in her eyes and behind her smile.

Christina Ricci joined ‘Wednesday’ after the exit of the original actor

In December 2021, Deadline reported actor Thora Birch existed Wednesday to take care of personal matters. She was cast as Tamara Novak, the only “normie” at Nevermore Academy. The character also takes care of all things botanical. But reports stated the series would not recast the character and instead add a new character.


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Months later, Ricci was reported to join the cast of Wednesday. While her character was not detailed, fans speculated that she would be a new character and have a connection to Nevermore. Instead of Tamara Novak, fans get Ricci as Ms. Thornhill. The black flower Thronhill carries into Wednesday’s room could be a tie to Novak’s botany detail.

According to Collider, Ricci was asked by Tim Burton to join Wednesday and was “honored” to do so. While not returning as her original character, she gives Ortega a stamp of approval. She is glad to return to the Addams universe, which was a “huge part of my identity and my history in my life.”