‘Wednesday’ Season 2 Is a Go; What Does Joy Sunday Hope for Bianca?

Netflix has officially greenlit Wednesday Season 2, and fans couldn’t be more pleased. Of course, given the success of the show, a renewal was pretty much a no-brainer. Since season 1 of the comedy horror series premiered on November 23, it has achieved massive popularity. In fact, Wednesday holds the spot for Netflix’s second most popular English language show of all time. But even before the show was officially renewed, people were speculating about ideas for the sophomore season. Joy Sunday, for example, has some clear ideas about what she hopes is next for her character, Bianca Barclay.

Wednesday Season 2 star Joy Sunday beaming at the Wednesday premiere
‘Wednesday’ star Joy Sunday | Presley Ann/Getty Images for Netflix

Joy Sunday’s character, Bianca Barclay, is an essential part of the ‘Wednesday’ cast

Bianca immediately made an impact when she appeared in the pilot episode of Wednesday. As the queen bee of Nevermore Academy, it’s clear that the siren wields no small amount of power. Like Wednesday Addams, Bianca is smart, cunning, and very adept at fencing. Though Bianca initially clashes with Wednesday, the pair have a reluctant amount of respect for each other. They’re also quick to work together to defeat a common enemy.

What does Sunday hope the siren gets up to in season 2?

As it happens, Sunday really appreciates the frenemies’ relationship that Bianca and Wednesday share. She’s hopeful that their unique relationship will continue to be explored in season 2. While speaking with The Face, she expressed her hopes for what’s next for her character.

“As I’ve been saying, I really did enjoy the tension me and Wednesday share, so I’d love to see a bit more tit-for-tat moving forward,” Sunday shared about Bianca. “I’d love to see some of that snarkiness continue, but also the nurturing of their friendship and their alliance as well, and seeing how they depend on each other as equals.”

‘Wednesday’ fans were given a cliffhanger about Bianca’s mom and extended family

Of course, exploring Bianca’s relationship with Wednesday is second to another plot point that Sunday wants to explore in season 2. The actor desperately wants to get answers about Bianca’s familial background that were briefly explored in episode 5, “You Reap What You Woe.” “I think we’ll get to figure out what the heck is going on with Bianca’s family, first and foremost,” Sunday shared.

Sunday reveals her audition process for ‘Wednesday’

Clearly, Sunday has a clear idea of what she hopes Bianca is able to explore in Wednesday Season 2. But just how did she get involved with the project to begin with? Despite it being a highly-coveted Tim Burton project, Sunday revealed that the audition process to becoming the self-assured siren was speedy and painless.


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“I submitted a tape and, a week and a half later, I met Tim over Zoom,” Sunday shared about auditioning for Wednesday. “About four days later, I was hired! It might be the world’s quickest turnaround, especially considering that a lot of the other roles took a couple of months to manifest. But mine was very, very quick. I had never tested for a show before, it was the furthest I’d ever gotten for a role of this proportion, and so it was mind-boggling, completely unexpected. One of my favorite audition experiences ever.”

We’re sure that many fans will agree that Sunday did an excellent job with her portrayal of Bianca. We can’t wait to see what she gets up to in Wednesday Season 2.