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Netflix‘s Wednesday series has the macabre teen venture into uncharted territory. Wednesday Addams (Jenna Ortega) finds herself attending Nevermore Academy, where her parents fell in love. While investigating a series of murders and hidden secrets, the teenager finds herself amid a love triangle. A normie named Tyler Galpin and a Nevermore student named Xavier Thorpe fight for her cold heart. But who are the actors playing Xavier and Tyler in Wednesday?

[Warning: This article contains mild spoilers for Wednesday.]

Actors Hunter Doohan as Tyler and Percy Hynes White as Xavier Thorpe in 'Wednesday.'
Actors Hunter Doohan as Tyler and Percy Hynes White as Xavier Thorpe in ‘Wednesday’ | via Netflix

Xavier is the resident tortured artist in Tim Burton’s ‘Wednesday’

Everything begins when Wednesday is forced to go to Nevermore when she gets expelled from another school. Her new roommate gives her the details of how the school works and its students. Xavier Thorpe is introduced painting a gloomy raven on the school wall in the quad. But he also recently broke up with the school’s Queen Bee, Bianca Barclay (Joy Sunday).

Xavier gets the first spark of romance when he saves Wednesday from near death and has a childhood history together. The male character lives in his famous psychic father’s shadow and can turn inanimate objects into the real deal. As Wednesday progresses, Xavier’s feelings for the dark female heroine are apparent. But it gets complicated when Wednesday starts to suspect him as the killer of Jericho.

The love triangle in Wednesday gets intriguing when she meets Tyler, a local normie who works at the coffee shop. She fixes his espresso machine in return for a ride out of town. He also happens to be the son of the local sheriff. But he soon becomes her ally and friend as she hunts for answers about the monster killing people.

Fans will find themselves smitten with Tyler and his boyish charm. Especially as he accepts Wednesday for who she is and is not scared of her. But Tyler has his own secrets that come to light and will change everything. With fans likely falling for Xavier and Tyler in Wednesday, the actors playing the characters are familiar in a few ways.

Actor Percy Hynes White plays the role of Xavier Thorpe in ‘Wednesday’

Percy Hynes White plays the brooding yet kind Xavier in the Netflix series. The 21-year-old Canadian actor has had a formidable career in movies and television. He had his first role in 2008 in the movie Down to the Dirt as a character named Keith. Fans of the Night at the Museum franchise will recognize him as Young C.J. Fredericks in the third installment.

In 2016, White starred alongside Joel Kinnaman and Tom Holland in the psychological thriller Edge of Winter. He played Kinnaman’s younger son Caleb. When it comes to the small-screen, the actor has played roles in Murdoch Mysteries, Defiance, Saving Hope, and Odd Squad. White gained popularity for his role as Andy Strucker in the superhero series The Gifted.

Before starring as Xavier in Wednesday, the actor played the role of Elliot Wazowski in the 2021 Canadian police comedy-drama Pretty Hard Cases. Netflix’s Wednesday is White’s second big leading main cast role in his career. After the cliffhanger and events of the Wednesday finale, fans hope to see more of him.

Actor Hunter Doohan stars as Tyler, the normie fighting against Xavier for Wednesday’s heart

Tyler is the opposite of what many fans would expect Wednesday to go for. But there is no denying he has a sweet small-town charm that is easy on the eyes. The actor playing the role of Tyler in Wednesday is Hunter Doohan.

Doohan has appeared as a credited actor and writer in a few well-known works. According to IMDb, the actor has starred in a fair share of short movies before playing the one-time character Confederado Scout in Westworld. Doohan then appeared in Soundwave, Schooled, and What/If. In the Apple TV+ series Truth Be Told, the actor played the role of teenage Warren for eight episodes.


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Soon after, Doohan played Adam Desiato in the Showtime series Your Honor. Tim Burton’s Wednesday is one of the actor’s biggest roles as Tyler and has an intriguing twist to his story that could lead to a second season alongside Xavier.