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Tim Burton’s Wednesday gives a never before seen look into the Addams family history. The Netflix series has multiple strings of different mysteries as Wednesday (Jenna Ortega) investigates heinous murders, her parent’s past, and who Goody Addams is. As audiences watch the series, the puzzle pieces come together. Wednesday is transported to the past as Goody Addams leads her down the right path to uncovering the big killer.

[Warning: This article contains spoilers for Wednesday.]

Jenna Ortega as Goody Addams in 'Wednesday' series.
Jenna Ortega as Goody Addams in ‘Wednesday’ series | via Netflix

Wednesday goes snooping into the past of Joseph Crackstone in the Netflix series

The grand mystery begins when Rowan (Calum Ross) almost kills Wednesday during the local town festival. While using his telekinetic powers to choke her, he reveals he was the one who tried to kill her with the gargoyle. There is a reason. He shows her a drawing his powerful seer mother drew while she was at Nevermore. The drawing shows a version of Wednesday in front of a burning Nevermore. During the Poe Cup, she has a vision at Crackstone’s crypt and meets a replica version of herself holding a book. The woman tells her, “You are the key.”

Needing more answers, she finds the Nightshade’s hideout and steals the original journal with the other half of the photo. During outreach day, Xavier (Percy Hynes White) reveals the man in the other half of the photo is Joseph Crackstone, the founder of Jericho.

Wednesday snoops her way into working at the historical museum and sneaks into the closed-off area. She thinks the answers she seeks are in the past, and when Thing points out a painting, it reveals the young blonde girl. Looking for the old pilgrim meeting house, she asks Tyler (Hunter Doohan) for help. Wednesday finds the old meeting house and gets a vision that gives her more answers.

Wednesday introduces Goody Addams, an ancestor, and original outcast. In the old Jericho, Goody is surrounded by the townspeople holding firesticks and pitchforks. She is accused of being a devil child and a witch. Joseph Crackstone (William Houston) tries to have her repent for her sins, but Goody will not budge. Instead, she chastises him for stealing their land and disrupting their harmony. Goody is then trapped inside a barn with other townspeople shackled to the floor. They are also outcasts. A woman pushes Goody to escape before it is too late. The woman tells Goody to find the others and avenge them.

Goody Addams helps Wednesday find the answers to save Nevermore

In her vision, Goody runs to Wednesday and tells her Crackstone will not stop until they are all dead. Wednesday Episode 6 furthers the Goody Addams story. While surprised by a birthday party in Crackstone’s crypt, Wednesday gets another vision. Face to face with Goody, she tells Wednesday is the raven in her bloodline and she must seek a particular place. Goody shows her the gate to a run-down mansion.

Later, while in Xavier’s shed, he reveals he also dreamed of the same gate Goody showed Wednesday. They are the entrance to the Gates mansion. Wednesday continues her investigation into Jericho’s killer. She starts to suspect Laurel Gates is still alive. She was reported to have died at sea after her family’s demise. While Wednesday learns the monster wreaking havoc is a Hyde and suspects Xavier, she is wrong. She goes to see Tyler to rectify their relationship in Wednesday.

Goody Addams in 'Wednesday' Episode 3.
Goody Addams in ‘Wednesday’ Episode 3 | via Netflix

After kissing Tyler, she is shown a vision. Tyler is the Hyde and the killer. She also soon learns his master is Ms. Thornhill (Christina Ricci), and she is, in reality, Laurel Gates. Ms. Thornhill has the same hatred for outcasts as her father and her ancestor Joseph Crackstone, so she plans to kill everyone at Nevermore. She used Tyler and activated his Hyde gene from his outcast mother.

But how does Goody tie into the Wednesday storyline? Ms. Thronhill was the one who stole Goody’s Book of Shadows from the museum. She plans to use it to resurrect Crackstone to kill the outcasts. Sadly, she is successful in bringing him back to life.

‘Wednesday’ has Goody Addams save the Netflix series’s heroine

As Ms. Thornhill resurrects Crackstone, Wednesday tries to stop him. Seeing that Wednesday is a replica of Goody, he gleefully stabs her in the abdomen. Ms. Thornhill and Crackstone venture to Nevermore as Wednesday is slowly dying.

Goody Addams in 'Wednesday' Episode 8
Goody Addams in ‘Wednesday’ Episode 8 | via Netflix

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Goody appears to save Wednesday and explains the necklace Morticia (Catherine Zeta-Jones) gave her is a powerful talisman. It is a conduit to conjure spirits, and Goody can pass through Wednesday to heal her. But once she does, Goody will be gone forever. This is the last time audiences see Goody Addams. Armed with how to kill Crackstone, a revived Wednesday saves Nevermore.

Wednesday is available on Netflix.