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TLC fans are well-aware of the Duggar family — but they’re far from the only ultra-conservative family on TV anymore. Now, it’s the Plaths who are garnering a ton of attention. Welcome to Plathville features Kim and Barry Plath along with their nine children, and the kids face many similar restrictions as the Duggar kids did when they were growing up.

There are certain members of the Plath family who seem much more adventurous and rebellious than any of the Duggars do. And 16-year-old Moriah Plath seems to be the one family member most likely to move far away from her family.

Moriah has become close with her sister-in-law, Olivia, who Kim and Barry dislike for her worldliness. But Moriah’s Instagram followers are ecstatic over an Instagram post that shows Moriah thanking Olivia for her “guidance” through life. Here’s what the teenager posted.

Moriah Plath is one of the most rebellious of the Plath kids

Every big family has at least one rebellious child, and Moriah is the Plath family’s. Right from the get-go, viewers can see the 16-year-old is wearing plenty of makeup and modern clothing as compared to some of her siblings. And she tells the cameras she hopes to explore the world, as she feels cramped by her parents’ conservative lifestyles.

Moriah and her siblings were not allowed to eat sugary foods or watch TV growing up. But now, she’s stepping out into the world with the help of her sister-in-law, Olivia. During the first season of Welcome to Plathville, we see Olivia taking Moriah to California to be her assistant for a job at a wedding. However, in reality, Olivia really wanted Moriah to experience more of the world than Kim and Barry would ever allow.

While Moriah absolutely loved California and experiencing the sights and sounds of San Francisco, her parents weren’t too thrilled about the trip. Fans are hoping for another season of the show to see what Moriah does next as well, as the first season left off with her purchasing a one-way plane ticket to Minnesota.

Ethan Plath’s wife, Olivia, doesn’t appear to get along with Kim and Barry Plath

While Ethan is the oldest of the Plath kids, he’s maintained his child-like innocence through the years. But Olivia appears to be shaking up his world completely. She introduced him to alcohol and TV shows he never knew about before. And she hopes she can continue to show Ethan and his siblings more about the world the longer they’re married.

Not only are Kim and Barry concerned that Moriah looks up to Olivia too much, but the parents generally don’t agree with Olivia’s point of view. While Olivia is religious and was homeschooled, she is far too liberal for Kim’s liking. And Olivia has even pointed out their tensions on social media.

“If this past year for you didn’t include getting married and moving 800 miles away, leaving your family behind, processing your childhood and re-discovering yourself, having your in-laws speak ill of you on national tv, and dealing with narcissistic behavior, emotional, psychological and spiritual abuse every day, then you can’t understand my story …,” Olivia captioned an Instagram post of her and Moriah on Dec. 13, 2019.

Fans love that Olivia is such an inspiration for Moriah

Despite Olivia and Kim taking major issue with each other, Moriah still hopes to maintain a close relationship with her sister-in-law. And on Jan. 6, the 16-year-old even posted a photo showing her with Olivia along with the caption, “Some don’t realize I’ve been different from the beginning and was bound to change, only with you I’ve had guidance. Thank you.”

Fans are loving Moriah and Olivia’s close relationship despite backlash from Kim and Barry.

“So glad you have a good role model in your life,” one fan commented to Moriah.

“Olivia is such a blessing to you!” another added.

“Two very strong women, stay strong you both are so sweet spirited,” yet another added.

We’re hoping for a Season 2 of the show, as we’d love to see what happens with Moriah next — and, of course, if the family ever accepts Olivia’s worldly ways.

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