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Wendy Williams is known for hosting the daytime TV series The Wendy Williams Show. She has made a career of sharing her controversial commentary on pop culture news. However, fans won’t see Williams on television anytime soon. Shortly after her show ended, William shared she is “100% retired” from the daily TV grind.

‘The Wendy Williams Show’ aired its final episode 

Wendy Williams retired TV show podcast Sherri Shepherd
Wendy Williams in 2019 | Michael Tran/FilmMagic

On June 17, The Wendy Williams Show aired its final episode. The show premiered in 2008 and ran for 13 seasons, airing over 1,500 episodes. 

In the past few years, Williams has famously battled health issues, including Graves’ disease and lymphedema. According to Variety, during the 2021-22 season, Williams did not appear on her talk show at all. Various guest hosts and panelists filled in for her during those episodes.

One of Williams’ guest hosts, Sherri Shepherd, will get her own daytime series. Premiering in September 2022, Sherri will fill The Wendy Williams Show‘s old time slot.

“My new show will be something truly fun and fresh, a daily hour of entertainment escapism with plenty of laughter, fun, and flirtiness as I give my take on pop culture,” Shepherd teased (via Deadline).

Wendy Williams confirms she is ‘100% retired’ from daily TV and planning a podcast

Williams recently shared she intends to start a podcast. Celebrity guests could include the Kardashians, the Trumps, and Snoop Dog.

“When you’re famous, podcasts will make more money for me, being famous, than doing The Wendy Williams Show,” Williams told TMZ. She also noted she’s “100 percent retired” from her show and daily TV.

For months, the media personality had denied she wouldn’t return to The Wendy Williams Show, saying she was working on getting “stronger” for her talk-show comeback.

Sherri Shepherd is ‘concerned’ about the former talk-show host


Wendy Williams Is ‘Not in Agreement’ With Court-Assigned Financial Guardian

Rumors have swirled that Wendy Williams and Sherri Shepherd are not getting along, especially after Williams stated she would not watch Shepherd’s show. However, Shepherd has shared she is worried about Williams, especially with her health and financial difficulties.

“I’m not mad at Wendy — she’s going through a lot,” Shepherd told fans during an Instagram Live session (via Atlanta Black Star). “I would say that everybody should be praying for Wendy right now. I’m very concerned.”

She added, “I’m really, truly concerned about her because I don’t feel like there’s anybody over there protecting her, and it’s really hard when there’s no protection around you, and you just have people hanging on.

“She’s not well. It’s just a lot going on in Wendy’s life,” Shepherd said.

She also commented, “She’s by herself. It’s not like she’s got her husband Kevin [Hunter]. She’s by herself. The only person that she has that’s taking care of her is her 21-year-old son, Kevin Jr.”

Shepherd concluded by reminding fans to show support for Williams. “[She] has a lot going on in life that this is where you need your friends — where you need your family. All I can do over here is pray for Wendy,” she said.

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