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Wendy Williams is leaving daytime TV for now after her talk show was canceled after 14 seasons on the air. The television personality has been out of the limelight following health concerns that have kept her away from her hosting duties. With the announcement that Sherri Shepherd is taking over her talk show in the Fall of 2022, there’s a new report suggesting her friends are worried about her recovery.

Wendy Williams standing on stage, wearing a necklace with a W
Wendy Williams | Monica Schipper/Getty Images for Lane Bryant

Wendy Williams reportedly not going to doctor visits

Williams’ health has been a “hot topic” since last Sep. 2021 when the premiere of season 14 of her talk show was postponed due to a breakthrough case of coronavirus (COVID-19). Due to complications with the show’s host health, the program would premiere without Williams and a rotation of guest hosts would take over. Although Williams recently said she was continuing to work on her recovery, a new report is saying that the star has been missing appointments with her doctor.

“Wendy is missing her medical appointments down in Florida,” a source told Page Six. “People are very worried about Wendy and her wellbeing … We want to get Wendy back to New York City to get her back on track.”

Williams was diagnosed with Graves’ disease years ago and has been open about the complications she has experienced.

The Post is also saying that “a lot of people are concerned about Wendy right now” and “things are getting worse.”

“Wendy is pissed right now. You have to understand her talk show was pretty much all she had. It was her passion, so now what?” the source added.

Lastly, the tipster also said that they believe Williams would take another year off TV and possibly return with another show making a triumphant comeback.

Wendy Williams breaks her silence after her show was canceled

Williams has maintained a low profile following her health struggles, she broke her silence after a statement was made on her behalf that she seemingly didn’t approve of.

“Mr. Bragman although I appreciate your concerns and respect you immensely I have not authorized you to make any statements on my behalf regarding my current status with Debmar Mercury. Again thanks for your continuing concern and support,” Williams posted on her Instagram Stories.

Williams was seemingly responding to a statement made by her now-former representative Howard Bragman after it was announced the television host was stepping away from her talk show.

“It’s been a challenging time for Wendy as she deals with her health issues. She is incredibly grateful to Debmar-Mercury, to Sherri and everybody else who has supported the show through this time,” Bragman said in a statement published by Deadline.

In the same statement, Bragman said that Williams had understood why Debman-Mercury had to cancel her show and move forward with another host.

“She understands why this decision was made from a business point of view, and she has been assured by Debmar-Mercury that should her health get to a point where she can host again and should her desire be that she hosts again that she would be back on TV at that time,” read statement added.

Bragman would later put into question who made the Instagram Stories post as they didn’t believe it was Williams herself.

Wendy Williams sitting in her purple chair on the set of her show, wearing an orange blazer and black top
Wendy Williams | Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

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